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Lowballer Crosses All Limits Of Entitlement

Lowballing is never a good technique. 

I understand the art of negotiations but lowballing rarely works. And even if does it is usually against someone who clearly doesn’t know the value of their own item or their prices were too high, to begin with. However, you can usually tell that but looking at the listing upfront before even talking to them.


Although it seems choosing beggars love to lowball other people. Honestly, I wouldn’t even call it lowballing, it is usually just asking for stuff for free. However, this particular person takes it up a notch. Not only do they claim that the chairs are the wrong color thus not what they are looking for but also that they want them for cheap because of that reason.

I have no idea how their logic works but apparently they thought that made sense. You can read the conversation for yourself by scrolling on below.

Source: Reddit

They seem like a normal buyer at first.

But things quickly get weird when they state the chairs are not the color they are looking for.


Even if they are the ‘wrong color’ for one person they might be the right one for another.


They are honestly flip-flopping all over the place.


They are the seller. What are they supposed to do? Paint them for you?


Are you sure you were ready to buy them? Because it didn’t look like that.


They didn’t do anything behind anyone’s back.


I honestly think they might have gone mad mid-exchange.


This person explains the whole interaction perfectly.

You: I have this microwave for sale for $40.

Him: Hmm. I’m interested in this microwave, however I’m actually in the market for a toaster. Since I can’t toast bread with this I will offer you $15.

You: OK, well, you should probably buy a toaster then. If you want a microwave let me know. It costs $40.

Him: Well, this toasters is defective, so in actuality $15 is a fair price for it.

You: It’s not a broken toaster, it’s a working microwave.

Him: Yes, but it isn’t the kind of toaster I want. Also, as long as I keep up this utterly pointless conversation you’re precluded from engaging any other buyers in discussion.

You: I sold it to someone looking for a microwave.

Him: I’ll be reporting you for fraud. –wittiestphrase

I wonder if they do this at other stores.


I don’t they have any to count.


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