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20 Loyal Pet Animals Making Owners Wonder Whether They Deserve All This Love

Affection becomes normalized when you have a pet.

From an outsider’s point of you, it does feel so wonderful the bond between a human and a pet. They always talk about the owner being so lucky that they have a permanent companion who will always be there for them and vice versa, that all stress in their life is now gone and every day feels like the first day they met. But for those who own a pet, things are very normal among them. It is basically like having a baby, you know it’s yours, and a routine that looks so much excitement from the outside becomes so common that the family calls it normal. No, that does not mean things become boring, pets will always manage to pull one right out of the back to surprise you and that’s the reason why this relationship is so unique and cherished so much.

Pets are very loyal. They fully understand the efforts their humans make to provide them with the best possible life and pets do not ignore that fact, never ever. From time to time they will look for ways to show their faith to their owners and sometimes do stuff so wholesome that it makes the pet owners ponder whether they deserve all this love or not. Yup, do not underestimate a pet when it comes to love.

Today we are going to look at some wholesome examples of pet animals being so faithful to their owners that it made them tear up a little

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1. This senior doggo got adopted by an old couple and by the looks of it, the dog seems very excited to be part of the old gang.

Via liquidreno/reddit

2. “My cat Pepe loved my roomie, and she recently moved out.”


Via hopawfmahdiq/reddit

3. “When you get to bring your dog to work and she reminds you that you’re her favorite person.”


Via LearnedBravery/reddit

4. “Bootsy trying to console my upset wife.”


Via Fogie99/reddit

5. “My brother was away for a month. His kitty missed him.”


Via PoptartTheCat/reddit

6. “Every time my husband comes home and sits down, the girls are like this within minutes.”


Via Azryhael/reddit

7. “My man is perfect. Anything he does — he does it perfectly.”


Via DryIceBurnsYourSkin/reddit

8. “My cat really loves my dad.”


Via Montastic/reddit

9. “Come here, I’ll kiss you.”


Via Scaulbylausis/reddit

10. “The neighbor’s dog loves me.”


Via Seilu_NA/reddit

This is just so adorable. The warmth that pet animals bring to the house is just so admirable and inspiring, it really does feel like nothing will ever go wrong for a person who adopts a pet animal. That’s the level of magic they bring with themselves and I just want us all to cherish them till the day we die because they absolutely deserve all the love we can give to them and more. After all, they do so much more for us without even realizing it.

There’s ample more wholesomeness coming your way so get ready. Scroll down below to continue!

11. “My grandfather, with his cat Sophie, who sat with him every day.”

Via Work-Safe-Reddit4450/reddit

12. “So excited to see her daddy after he was gone for nine weeks!”


Via measureinlove/reddit

13. “We brought Charlie home a month ago now and I can’t get over that look of pure love in his eyes.”

Via kikichun/reddit

14. “Within the past 3 years, we’ve driven a lot of miles together.”


Via Nightman20/reddit

15. “She often holds a loved one by the finger so that he stays with her for a while.”

Via ilona_krasnik/

16. The best feeling in the world is to have those you love around you.


Via HomoVictoriae/pikabu

17. How could you not love animals, look at this one looking at its owner with nothing but love in its eyes.

Via Swayzebacon/reddit

18. “I’m 8 months pregnant and he won’t leave my side.”


Via jester33455/reddit

19. Cats show love to owners by fetching and presenting mice as present to show love. This one was too floofy to catch a mouse so it decided to take upon a different strategy and get flowers for its owner.

It would wait for the flowers to drop and would take its time to pick the best one and gift it to its owner. Love! It cannot be described in a universal way.

Via alliesatwar/twitter

20. This image was taken moments after this family rescued this kitty. It kept looking at them with gratitude as they transported it to its new home.


Via ImABigSquidNow/reddit

Well, how do you guys feel after this one? We hope you guys enjoyed it and would love to know your thoughts on this one so don’t forget to comment them down below.

Do you have a pet and does it feel the same to you as well?


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