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Guy Goes To Adopt A Shelter Dog, Gets Chosen By A Cat Instead

Cats are awesome.

I understand that cats get a bad name and many people call them a**holes but they are just tiny bundles of joy even if you have to clean their pee from time to time. However, some people just prefer dogs which is perfectly fine. And that is what this man wanted as well. However, he somehow ended up with a kitten when he went to the shelter.

How did this happen you ask? Well, as we are all already aware, cats choose us and it is never the other way around. He had always been a dog person and even had a dog in his home. But he wanted another one so went to the shelter for that exact reason. However, when he went to the shelter, dogs were nowhere to be found as they had all been already adopted.

But he didn’t let that deter him and rather than going to another shelter or waiting before more came in, he decided on a beautiful kitten.

As you can see, she chose him the moment he picked her up.


I was in Virginia for some training. At this specific time, pretty large snow was blowing through. When I was on my way home I heard on the radio that a shelter called Richmond Animal League was looking for temporary/permanent homes for all of their animals, as the staff expected to get snowed in.

She was named Marbles and she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.


None of us are ever cat people until we actually get a cat and then we turn into the sappiest people ever. I recently adopted a kitten and I turn into a completely different person the moment I hold her. I originally wanted a cat but ended up falling in love when seeing the face of my kitty. So I can understand how this ended up with a kitten instead of a dog. At the end of the day, he got the best of both worlds so who can complain?

Cats can bring out the saps in all of us.


I opened the cage, picked her up and that was it. She started meowing the most pathetic little chirps as she pushed her face to the brim of my cap (this is when they got the picture), only to be backed by a rumble of purring. I turned into a huge sap.

It has been two years since he adopted the kitten.


I didn’t like or ever want cats before this. Simply put; I shook my head with a nod of acceptance, put her back in the cage for a brief moment while I did the paperwork, and got ready to take her home. They didn’t have pups, but they did have my best bud. I was not a cat guy, but I guess you could say I’m a cat guy now.

Surprisingly, Marbles gets along with the doggo pretty well.


And they even sleep with each other which is adorable.


The kitty was later renamed as Barb and he adopted a new dog six months in named Rupert.

Rubert and Barb sound like a great duo and they get along amazingly well. Do you have a cat and a dog? If so how do they get along with each other? Are they at each other throats all the time or can they not get enough of each other? Comment down below and let us know.


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