Accidental Injury Left This Golden Pup With One Ear And Now She Looks Like A Unicorn

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: All doggos are good bois!

Whether they are small or big, black or white, they’re all precious regardless of their shape and size. I mean, if our dogs can love us regardless of how we appear to them, why can’t we?

Our dogs love us for who we are. For how we treat them. They don’t care what we do or how we look. Now, this is the pure definition of unconditional love and I’m happy to say that we are also learning to give this same love back to them!

To give you proof that we too are capable of loving our dogs just the way they love us, allow us to present you to a unique and beautiful doggo named Rae.


This is Rae. An energetic, playful and cute dog.

Rae is known for her unique appearance.

She lost her left ear due an accidental injury at birth.

Overtime, however, her right ear travelled to the middle of her head.

Which gave her the unique appearance of a unicorn!

So, Rae is now called the Golden Unicorn! How cool is that?

She became an internet sensation when someone uploaded her video on tiktok.

Rae’s video qucikly went viral and the whole internet fell in love with her majestic look.

After seeing the public response, Rae’s owner made a few social media accounts of her Golden Unicorn.

As of this moment, Rae’s Instagram has over 78k followers!

Rae is definitely beautiful both inside and out.

She has shown us all that being different simply means being unique and wonderful in your own way.

So, are you in love with the Golden Unicorn just as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

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