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50 Mean Birds Hilariously Shamed For Their Acts

Birds can be quite annoying at times.

After all, we are all well aware of pigeons and how much they can frustrate people. From pooping on everything that walks by to stealing food. Pigeons are right old jerks. Even if they look adorable, I think everyone can agree that they do not like humans very much. Well, apparently there are many more birds that act even more annoying and will ruin your day. From hawks to the dreaded pelican. Humans are never safe from these birds. So it is especially good that their antics were caught on camera.


This is why one should be wary of birds as you never know when they will peck your head or steal your food. Then some geese will literally run you out of your garden just because they think they own the place. I can safely say that anyone can become an Olympic runner when a goose is chasing them. And I say that from experience. So scroll on below and take a look at what these jerk birds did.

#1 These anti-bird spikes clearly don’t work.

Via Isaac Sherring-Tito

#2 He just wants to look in the mirror while pooping.

Via DeLoreanMotorCars

#3 I guess he didn’t know about the fresh paint?

Via mike_pants

#4 She might have learned to turn it off.

Via 10gags

#5 That is one way to assert dominance.

Via bumann

#6 Woodpeckers are just amazing.

Via littlemaryfivegrains

#7 He suddenly realized he could fly.

Via fyeah11

#8 The other one doesn’t want the bird to be happy.

Via neeveeann

#9 The goose looks ready for anything.

Via tabbyexe

#10 A very true statement.

Via poliscijunk

#11 She just needed a little taste.

Via MagTron14

#12 A lot is happening in this picture.

Via BurvelBillWithFriend

#13 I wonder who lost their dentures.

Via Georgeisthecoolest

#14 Yes, fire hawks actually spread fire.

Via Boojibs

Australian fire hawks proactively spread wildfires. Observers report both solo and cooperative attempts, often successful, to spread wildfires intentionally via single-occasion or repeated transport of burning sticks in talons or beaks. After successfully spreading the fire, the “firehawks” are able to pick out fleeing prey or mung on the charred remains of those critters who didn’t make it out in time.

#15 How will you work now?

Via kaitkait

#16 That is one way to taste the batter.

Via GallowBoob

#17 My question is why?

Via Dave Arnold Wildlife Photography,Dave Arnold Wildlife Photography

#18 He certainly looks proud of himself.

Via Gracynvh

#19 She will keep staring at your soul.

Via Mustardbyname

#20 Birds love revenge.

Via JohnnyLad93

These birds might be douches. But there is a way to harness their nature. There are many stories where people befriended crows and the likes. This ended up giving them a flock of crows that would take revenge on their enemies. I wish I was making this up but this is very true. So I would advise everyone not to make enemies with a person who has a flock of birds watching their back. Because they will come for you and you won’t be able to get away.

#21 No hecks given about bees.

Via Rganib

#22 ‘I don’t like this glass.’

Via jordanekeba

#23 ‘This is my parking spot.’


#24 He is just a hungry boy.

Via RomanticPervertRope

#25 Attack caught in motion.

Via spx1e

#26 Everyone knows crows are jerks.

Via OutVoid

#27 This cat is about to be very unhappy.

Via spiceguys

#28 That must have surprised the weather reporter.

#29 They will reach you anywhere.


#30 Just surfing a fish.

Via poliscijunk

#31 I sure hope he isn’t pooping.

Via GallowBoob

#32 ‘Guess who is taking a biting today?’

Via JohnnyLad93

#33 ‘I am the star here.’

Via wiseuptx

#34 ‘I want your lunch.’

Via Butterfly_Queef

#35 I wonder what this person did to deserve this.

Via Guy_who_agrees_

#36 This birds is a grade-A thief.

Via desertgodfather

#37 ‘No more ice cream for you.’

Via unknown

#38 They sure do love ice-creams don’t they?

Via sophielola_

#39 Now the cement will have permanent prints.

Via JohnnyLad93

#40 They aren’t doing it involuntarily either.

Via engineer343

#41 He just wants to make his mark on this world.

Via unknown

#42 This kid must have pissed off a pigeon.

Via VulvaDisplayOfPower

#43 I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Via yeerk_slayer

#44 ‘This is my lollipop now.’

Via Underrated_buzzard

#45 Pay your road tax!

Via cu_alt

#46 ‘I am innocent in this.’

Via sarahsjoking

#47 This is what happens when you try to be cute.

Via reddit

#48 ‘I will take your food now.’

#49 ‘And you thought you could cage me?’

Via JasonMcNugget1

#50 Yes, she wants to eat the phone.

Via tinytoebeans0709

Have you ever pissed off a bird? If so what was their revenge? After all, if it is one creature that never gives up a grudge, it is a bird. So comment down below and let us know your experiences.


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