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45+ Times Birds Were So Hilarious That People Had To Snapchat Them

Not everyone is ready to keep a bird as a pet.

You would think taking care of a bird would be much easier than a cat or dog. However, you have to remember the fact that they can fly, so you always have to extra careful as they might just fly away through an open window and such. Other than that, birds are also quite intelligent most of the time. Although you wouldn’t necessarily believe that looking at the following thing.Because as we all know a reason why people love pets is that they can capture their shenanigans on camera.

And what do we do when our camera roll is filled with these? Well, put them on Snapchat of course! So following we have some of the most hilarious antics performed by birds and just general things that you will love if you are a bird person. So scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 Such a colorful and happy family.

Via painthands

#2 The hen might have thought this was her babies.

Via wine-weed-wednesday

#3 That is one way to show your love every day.

Via yassertm3

#4 Such a weird friend group but somehow it works.

Via maihimemeco

#5 Now this is one heck of a coincidence.

Via maximuminsertion

#6 I am glad the falcon was okay and her neck wasn’t broken.

Via sticknpucker

#7 This is just plain adorable.

Via zalilkhan

#8 The other two look tired of his antics.

Via unknown

#9 What a scandal!

Via sc_k

#10 This is one angry bird.

Via raxo101

#11 Or maybe he is trying to make new friends?

Via beccapizza

#12 I never knew that was the purpose of a mug handle.

Via Purpzie

#13 This baby is clearly throwing a tantrum.

Via twolost-souls

#14 They might be migrating.

Via WonDirection4

#15 They look so proud of themselves.

Via Grommulox

#16 The two floof balls will be safe.

Via mac_is_crack

#17 The cat looks very confused.

Via SomeGuy8010

#18 I can see why one would do that.

Via GallowBoob

#19 It is not going to be good.

#20 Sounds like a regular Saturday night to me.

Via 5ittingduck

#21 His eyes show the whole galaxy.

Via ilostpoints

#22 They just want to see the adorable baby.

Via Alabastercrab

While these Snapchat show a myriad of bird breeds doing their own thing. There are actually more than 10,000 breeds of birds which is quite astonishing. So arguably there is a bird of every color in the world even if we don’t see many every day. Not only that but each and every bird has some sort of feathers, even those who do not fly. As feathers are also used as a way to show off to a potential mate, just like a peacock does.

All in all, birds are amazing creatures and they deserve more respect than what we give them.

#23 This is how one keeps warm.

Via supersquee

#24 That is one cute owl.

Via sunbolts

#25 Is it bad that I am getting hungry?

Via GallowBoob

#26 They will start a revolution.

Via BrightenthatIdea

#27 Just never open the door and everything will be fine.

Via GodsFavoriteAnge

#28 This is how life should be lived.

Via herper

#29 I just see two pieces of moss.

Via GallowBoob

#30 Is it because of the bright color?

Via kungfumilhouse

#31 You mean feathered freeloaders?

Via ml09ja

#32 I might have to try this.

Via MisterMaps

#33 That is just plain rude.

Via CGdrawing

#34 Are sure this isn’t a human?

Via kt0me

#35 Don’t we all?

Via heckingtrash

#36 The baby bird has adopted him now.

Via 12bore1992

#37 Is the bird emulating the man or is it the other way around?

Via mrnanovideos1

#38 That is a cool trick for sure.

Via BlondeAussieGirl1990

#39 How cute is this!

Via nanner_loaf

#40 You have to help the little guy.

Via KevinSledge12

#41 He is asserting dominance over the fake bird.

Via Excellencyqq

#42 They are having a pool party and you weren’t invited.

Via Wisdom_over_9000

#43 This is now their home.

Via mc_lens

#44 ‘You shall not pass!’

Via Turrican76

#45 At least he looks happy with himself.

Via girlposts

#46 This one took me way too long to figure out.

Via TheBiggestSpoon

#47 This is how he uses stairs.

Via cptnslapaho

#48 Where is my acceptance letter?

Via griffintruong8r

Have you ever thought about keeping a bird as a pet? If so which sort of bird would you like? Comment down below and let us know.


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