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17 Cats Who Are Stuck In Boxes

The romance between a cat and a box has been narrated many times. We fail to understand what’s so interesting about these empty boxes that our kitties can’t stop obsessing over them. If you ask a cat, it’ll probably provide a long list of cat-logics for having this bizarre affair with the boxes. No matter what the size of the box is, these purr-eties will always find a reason to sneak into them. Sometimes, only sometimes the situation gets out of these little paws and they get stuck. The crazy meowing starts until you come to rescue your cat, which absolutely would not have any regrets on its face for getting itself in such a situation.


Take a look for yourself at how these curious little tails wag anxiously to get into that box as if a treasure awaits inside. Accidents happen, getting stuck in the box is totally normal because even if you take them out they’ll repeat it all over again. So, it’s basically a kitty affair which you’ll have to deal with if you’re a cat parent for a very long time. And to be fair, we aren’t even mad about it.

It’s just hilarious though! Scroll down and check these adorable kitties in boxes;

1. I wonder where did I turn wrong

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Usually, I fit in perfectly…

2. “I just wanted some fries.”


Now I can’t see!

3. “Keep yer hands off my tummy!”

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No belly scratches, for now, Human! I am in a situation here…

4. I think I need to lose some of those extra pounds to get in


Or maybe the box is a little too skinny?

5. Cat clock strikes 6


6. “I saw this going differently in my head.”


Yeah I saw that too and I hope it doesn’t hurt

7. “I’m fine. If you could just nudge me towards my food bowl, that’d be great.”

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I am fine, just a little stuck but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat though, right?

8. “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”


What a drama queen

9. “Help! Am not cereal! Am cat!”

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Just a cat in the cereal box. Don’t eat it!

10. It was a trap, help I am stuck


What pulls them towards these small enclosed spaces you might ask? Well, cats hunt while staying low and hiding, here’s a pretty logical reason behind their love for boxes. They like hiding in small encased spaces such as boxes. They feel warm and comfortable making these their new hideout spots.

Here’s more of the kitty silliness in and around boxes, make sure to scroll till the end!

11. “Stupid ball. I didn’t even want you anyway.”

I was just passing time trying to catch you. We can slowly see her giving up.

12. Boxes these days, why have they become so small?


Help me get out hooman. Don’t just stand there and watch!

13. “I’m not stuck. What makes you think I’m stuck? Why, do I look stuck?”

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Just chillin’

14. Am I dead or am I dead?


Am I in cat heaven, yet?

15. “Release me, you villain!”

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I’ve been trapped in here for way too long!

16. That was smooth


Hey, why is it so dark in here…

17. “Quit laughing and get me out of here!”

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That’s an order!

So it’s pretty clear no toys, no cat trees, nothing can replace boxes! You’ll probably observe if you get your cat a present which consists of all the things these purrs need, they’ll still be more interested in the boxes holding the presents. So, next time you think of buying your cat a gift, save your money, and just think of how you can make an ordinary box more interesting for your cat. All these felines need to be happy are warm cuddles, a hug, good treats, and a box to explore! And voila! They will love you forever (okay maybe that is an exaggeration, they will just tolerate you forever).

Has your cat ever come across such struggles of getting stuck in a box? Well, it must have! Do share their encounters with us and all other cat fans here. We can’t wait to see more!


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