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20 Mischievous Cats Who Do Not Miss A Single Chance To Steal The Show

Getting a cat is like buying a ticket to an adventurous show.

Cats are unpredictable. One minute they would be acting sober and the other minute, they would be screaming in the house. Cats are full of drama, emotion and hilarity. They would beg for treats, drink water from your mug, throw the planters down or sleep in planters because cats think planters belong to them. Planters are made for cats to lay and sleep in them. You can’t argue with cats and don’t even try arguing with them. You will be homeless if you’ll try messing with a cat so better not try it. Today, we have compiled photos of 20 mischievous cats who never miss a single chance to steal the show. They are getting all the limelight and we don’t mind it to be honest. So, scroll down!


1. “She will only drink out of coffee mugs. If we dont leave one out for her, she will drink out of the toilet. (Her water bowl is full at all times)”


© tangledbrain7 / Reddit

Cat: I do not like my water bowl. Mug is my new water bowl.

2. “I think there is something under my sofa”


© Emmy_Tabby_Moony / Reddit

Cats: Human, we will catch it. Don’t worry.

3. When you come home and see him waiting for you like this:


© F***OfAnAngel / Reddit

“He either missed me or wants food”

4. “Tried to get proof that my cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Didn’t expect the intense mid-air crunches.”


© Cherry_Lipgloss / Reddit

Just look at the second cat’s expressions.

5. Cat: Mom, I didn’t do it.


© aritee / Reddit

6. “I’m cat sitting this guy and I think he broke?”


© karahm / Reddit

When the cat is too tired and just wants to stretch.

7. When someone compliments me:

© stayshinycapn / Reddit

8. “6 years later, still clueless.”


© hurrypotta / Reddit

She was born with this face.

9. Human, it’s not me. I can’t do it.

© saviour__self / Reddit

10. “My cats always do this — sunbathing and/or worshiping the lamp.”


© Madness101101 / Reddit

They have a strong obsession with lamps. You can’t understand the cat logic so let them do what they are happy doing. Cats love exploring new things so don’t get mad at them if you see paper towels on the floor or see them exploring the lamps. Well, cats are not that bad. They are fluffy balls of love who would wait for you to come home and would blush when you’ll compliment them. They hit the peak cute and make us fall in love with them all over again.

11. Cats love laying in the flower pots:

© Toniogkush / Reddit

12. When two bestfriends are gossiping:


© SpockVaporizesRock / Reddit

“Mine and the neighbors’ cat are going to be good buddies, I can tell.”

13. When you are busy making puzzles and he wants your attention:

© izzabizz / Reddit

14. He can do anything and everything just to chew on the lamp:


© MicroLiz / Reddit

15. Cat: Human, I was trying to bake and the flour fell on me.

© MisundrstoodDisciple / Reddit

16. “Chasing off the birds in a single bound from the floor.”


© randomlycandy / Reddit

Meet the spider cat.

17. When they are hungry:

© SqulliamFancyson44 / Reddit

18. You can’t even take shower alone:


© betesmeister / Reddit

19. That moment when you realize you forgot to turn off the stove:

© Unusual-Albatross / Reddit

20. “My cat’s face when he spots the cat food delivery”


© lbcdm / Reddit

Mom, open it, please. We hope you enjoyed going through this hilarious post about cats. Tell us about your cat? Is your cat mischievous? Share your catto’s photo in the comment section down below!


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