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Moms Who Lied About Not Wanting A Dog

It’s really hard to convince our parents for basically anything! Whether it’s trying to buy something new or getting a new pet. The answer is always NO! Especially with Latina moms.

Latina moms hard to please and even harder to convince. Even if they agree to something, they won’t let it be known to anyone. Pretty sure by now, many of you might be able to relate. Asking a Latina mom to let us keep a dog is like taking a test knowing you’re going to fail. There is absolutely no point! No matter how cute, adorable, funny, and awesome they are, the answer will still be no. But even they don’t have the heart to keep saying no for a very long time. Eventually they have to give in and fall in love with doggos like we all have. You must be thinking that’s not true. Well, we’ve got proof and no, we did not make it up. These are tweets from actual dog owners and their stories about how their Latina moms first refused to keep a dog and later fell in love.

Scroll down and take a look for yourself. We guarantee you’re going to love it.

P.s. “No quiero perros en en esta casa” means “I don’t want dogs in this house.”

1. You know you love them when you want to dress them up in the cutest of clothes


If you think your mom loves them more than you, it’s probably true because just look at them! They are way too cute not to love.

2. This smoll pupper shall stay in my pocket


Gets easier to carry them around

3. Well, that didn’t last for too long


The only thing this mom killed is her hatred towards doggos. Hard to imagine this was done by someone who didn’t want doggos

4. Big ones are for us, hoomans


And the little ones are for our precious doggos

5. This mom probably never expected herself to make a sweater for this doggo


Whatever it is, we love the love



Never mind, come lets all take a family portrait and hang it up!

7. We can bet this moms facebook is full of her doggos pictures


They all want a doggo, they are just playing it hard

8. Do you know how expensive it is to keep a dog? Plus all the cleanings etc – who is going to do all that? – This mom


Also this mom; This special chicken is for my special baby and nobody shall touch it!

Well, now that we are done with all the pictures, we have something more in store for you. Have you guessed what we’re talking about? Videos! These videos are going to make you fall in love with doggos and also Latina moms who are putting in their 100% for their beloved dogs. Scroll down and take a look!

9. That how we make babies dance!

This mom was lying, we tell you. She always wanted a pupper!

10. Slow dancing with the love of its life

They have so much love for each other. Its evident

11. Mom: my little baby, did anyone say anything to you my love?

It must’ve been you! My human child, how dare you – also this mom

12. Don’t mind me, just baby sitting the doggo whilst I talk to my girlfriends

And making sure the doggo is having the time of its life

13. You can tell that the mother has trained them well

Both of them are like, yes ma’am

14. Sharing infinite number of pictures in the fam-group

And then claiming you don’t like doggos. Sure, we believe you

15. Giving extra love and warmth to the ones we love

Pretty sure this Latina mom can’t imagine a life without her doggo

16. Endless dances!

We hope those toys are for the doggo

17. It’s only a matter of months… 3 to be precise

Until you finally give in and fall in love with doggos

18. Making the doggo sleep

Fulfilling her mom duties to the fullest!

19. Before vs After

Just one question, why’d you say in the first place, mom?

And, we’ve reached the end, sadly. I fell in love with these Latina moms who claimed they didn’t want a doggo but ended up devoting their lives for the. It truly is a precious sight.

If you’re having a hard time convincing your parents, just show them this article and ask them to give it a chance! They will not regret it. As for you, if you have similar stories, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below. We can’t wait to hear them all!


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