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65 Lap Dogs Who Don’t Know How Enormous They Are

There is nothing better than snuggling up with your dog, especially if they are a large creature. The definition of what constitutes a “giant dog” is open to debate, but the following species are considered some of the world’s largest. As threatening as they may appear at first glance, many of these dogs are known to be calm and full of love. As compared to their smaller rivals, these large dog breeds tend to be more cuddly at home, with occasional bursts of activities.


Massive and giant babies are just like a teddy bears despite their enormous and intimidating size. When we talk about giant and enormous dogs they have direct access to your heart. Do you know, there are numerous giant dog breeds that are classified as working dogs because of their role as guardians and protectors. No? Then you’ll see a lot of large dogs acting as guardians or protectors of small children. Dogs with this mindset tend to be loyal and affectionate toward humans, but aloof toward strangers until they’ve been properly introduced. The leash can be difficult to keep under control if you have a large dog at home or in your car, especially if you need to control them or persuade them if they plan to do stuff their own way. So either, it’s difficult to fit them in a car seat or make them sit on a sofa because these doggos love to sit on their owner’s lap and it’s their favorite place to rest.

Because we know how much you love them, we’ve put together a collection of photos of some of the heaviest dogs on the globe. Some of these adorable pooches can weigh upwards of 100 pounds. Yes, that’s right!

It doesn’t matter how small or large they are; they’re still our babies in every way. You can see some very large doggos who don’t know how big they really are by scrolling down!

1. A giant Irish Wolfhound.

Via Reddit

2. He’s so floofy!

Via u/Buckiez

3. Black Beauty!

Via u/mindmerciful

4. Despite it’s enormous size, this pet seems terrified at the vet’s office.

Via  u/RedHeadRead

5. This huge dog is relaxing on the lap of this kid.

Via kelmarieg/Instagram

6. This car seat is not enough for this doggo.

Via imgur

7. He’d be an impressive fighting dog.

Via u/momomo544

Dogs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities. Dogs have been trained by humans for centuries to perform a variety of roles, from warrior to guardian, herder to companion.

Likewise, if we talk about this dog, he can become the best warrior dog.

8. This dog has mastered the art of sitting like a human.

Via u/WhackAttack

9. It’s fun watching TV with these giant dogs.

Via u/tatems

10. When compared to a human, this dog is extra huge.

Via u/Softmute

11. Imagine! how this dog would look like wearing a suit of armor.

Via u/RominaBambina

12. A black dog with the fluffiest coat you’ve ever seen.

Via u/wtwerner

13. Why do dogs sleep in odd positions?

Via u/brittskyy

14. He’s just too huge…

Via ICurseAllTheFuckingTime/imgur

15. This dog looks so depressed, he needs some sweet treats maybe.

Via u/thebeardedcannuck

16. A perfect guardian for your kid.

Via u/buddyGG

17. Look at this dog’s expressions. He’s just so happy for some reason.


18. Perfect Selfie with this giant husky is what you need to see to make your day…

Via @alaskan_wolfdog

19. Is the dog huge, or is this man pretty short?

Via imgur

20. This husky doesn’t like hugs!

Via imgur

21. This dog is resting his feet on the ground because the lap is too small for him to sit.

Via u/treymdnc

22. Cuddling with your pet is soo much fun if they are huge.

Via u/pan124

23. This massive dog has adorable puppy eyes!

Via u/SlimJones123

24. Warm your heart with this cute husky smile today.

Via u/Emergency-Boat

25. Having two perfect protectors is an incredible blessing for this kid.

Via @ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

Loving them? Who doesn’t love checking out these adorable massive creatures?

There are many people in this world who prefer small dogs, while on the other hand there are few who prefer massive ones. Giant dogs have a ton of benefits. These huge babies have enormous fluffy bodies with gentle temperaments. They’re devoted to and fiercely protective of their families. Moreover, they’re intelligent and generally simple to train.

Scroll down to have a look at some more gigantic breeds of doggos!

26. What’s it about these enormous dogs that make them prefer sitting on a lap instead of the sofa?

Via u/Yolandi1312

27. These people just made this pup feel so special and happy.

Via laura_treimane/Instagram

28. Hey hooman, pet me!

Via u/BettyAndTheJets20

29. This is just a huge, ginormous, stunningly beautiful absolute unit.

Via u/digdilem

30. You can’t help but swoon over this dog’s fluffy and squishy tail.

Via @herculessaint

31. When you realize that Monday is just around the corner.

Via u/mkunnari

32. This old lady is truly in love with her massive dog.


33. What could be better than seeing this sight every morning?

Via u/The_ryanmister

34. Is this a dog or a white polar bear?

Via u/somethingsomethingmcbob

35. A man holding a furry baby like this is something you’ve never seen before.

Via u/lionzion

36. This cowboy is in a good mood today.

Via u/Bern-turnSanders

37. There is no better place for this black beauty than this counter. How well he fits here!

Via  u/Seanannigans14

38. Hi Hooman, let’s start our conference!

Via anadolukangall/Instagram

39. Who needs an umbrella while sunbathing when they have this massive dog.

Via u/sharkyboyo564

40. This dog appears to be enjoying the moment.

Via u/samanthaboring

41. The word “Giant” describes this dog perfectly here.

Via u/Akschmalz

42. Isn’t it hilarious how much this dog looks like a blanket?

Via u/nsfwdreamer

43. No matter how huge a dog is, they enjoy playing with their favorite stuffed toys.

Via @jasoncorey411

44. This girl is so happy to be with her dog.

Via @toro_canecorso

45. This boy is loving his new bed!

Via u/Weedvape69

46. This dog is as huge as this donkey.

Via u/snapsgoal1

47. This lady appears to have a stuffed polar bear as a pet.

Via u/ruthwhipkey

48. No one dares to mess with this kid.

Via @little.monty.mammoth

49. This pooch covers the entire body of this hooman.

Via u/JerBear_2008

50. And at last, this is the best picture you’ll see on the internet today.

Via u/Blinky182

You’ve made it all the way to the end because we know how much you have adored these enormous canines.

Which of these massive canines did you looooove the most? Are you the owner of a massive pup? If so, why don’t share the picture with us in the comments section below? We’d love to see your huge pet!


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