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19 Photos That Prove How Difficult Motherhood Is Even For Animals

The biggest blessing of them all.

To become a mother, what can possibly cause greater joy than this beautiful experience. The ones who get to experience motherhood can only understand its value and how precious it is. The bond shared between a mother and her child is unbreakable, super strong and incomparable. It is the purest form of love. The love of a mother for her children is the most powerful. Being a mother not only gives them a whole new purpose in life but also makes them a lot more strength and bravery to take upon any challenge when it comes to the safety of their children.

Motherhood is a beautiful, fun and magical experience but it can also be extremely exhausting and frustrating. With the joys of motherhood comes along the regrets of motherhood. Now, this is also something you will only understand once you get to actually experience it. Being a mother is a very important responsibility and one must be very careful. Children can be very handful as much sweet and innocent they may be. Only a mother knows how hard it is to handle a newborn child. We have collected a bunch of pictures of pets becoming mothers that perfectly portray how lovely and annoying it is to become a mother. Keep on scrolling down to see the joys of motherhood…

1. “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

Image Credit: © Andrewbd12 / Reddit

2. “For those who fell in love with foster mama Ellie, she’s, uh, wondering if there’s a return policy on her lab samples.”


Image Credit: © DisgruntledPlebian / Reddit

3. What a sweet blessing is motherhood, right?


Image Credit: © anomaly81303798 / Twitter

4. “Mother cat has a thousand-yard stare.”


Image Credit: © Thisiscotty / Imgur

5. Meet Gloria, the possum. Carrying her 7,8 babies on her back and neck.


Image Credit: © vohit4rohit / Imgur

6. “The Animal Pad rescued a lot of pregnant mothers over the last few months. I have been doing adoption photos once the puppies are old enough. This is mama Lucy and her babies. She totally has an ’I made dis’ look.”


Image Credit: © ChippyChipChip_PHX / Reddit

7. Being a mother is a very exhausting job.


Image Credit: © HasukiiXrd / Reddit

8. Just a regular mother being patient with her wild, naughty child.


Image Credit: © JC_Havoc / Reddit

9. “Minnie, mothering not only her own kittens but also the kittens of her late best friend and two Bengal cats unable to care for theirs.”


Image Credit: © QAoA / Reddit

10. Well, it is true that clearly, motherhood can be a huge pain in the back.


Image Credit: © endauver / Reddit

Oh, I just love how precious and caring every mother is with their children. Becoming a mother gives them some kind of superpower that only they possess, it gives a mother a sudden burst of confidence and bravery. A mother is always willing to do anything dangerous to protect her children. She would rather take all the harm but keep her children safe. I think being a mother is the most beautiful and meaningful experience ever. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these adorable pictures…

11. This poor mama never even had any puppies of her own.

Image Credit: © Packmanjones / Reddit

12. Aww, this stray cat has the cutest kittens.


Image Credit: © UnalteredCube / Reddit

13. This mother cat perfectly portrays how it is like to be a mother.

Image Credit: © tachycardiapig / Imgur

14. She has got that look of regret on her face.


Image Credit: © lookatthisdog / Imgur

15. Become a mother they said, it would be fun they said…

Image Credit: © wg_t / Reddit

16. Oh, the lovely joys of motherhood.


Image Credit: © fishwhiskers / Reddit

17. Just a normal day in a mother’s life. Puppies biting on your ear, the usual.

Image Credit: © KittenBraden / Reddit

18. “First day of motherhood… she’s exhausted.”


Image Credit: © deck65 / Reddit

19. “Does fatherhood count? 😄😻”

Image Credit: © ArashEternal / Reddit

Although a mother’s love for her children is incomparable a father has his own importance in a child’s life. But we can all easily agree on the fact that mothers know best for their children. What are your thoughts on motherhood? Has your pet ever experienced motherhood? Tell us in the comments down below…


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