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50 Times Pets Made Christmas Better For Everyone

Christmas is incomplete without pets.

Finally, it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone reading. Christmas is the most awaited celebration of the year. Christmas brings happiness, joy, and so many exciting treats. So, when we say Christmas’ excitement is real, you better believe us. It’s that time of the year when we give and receive gifts, welcome the holiday season and share meals with families and friends. What a perfect time of the year!


If we ask what is it that gets you excited the most about Christmas, your answer probably would be decorating the Christmas tree. Well, we love this activity too. You bring in a Christmas tree, buy ornaments and try to decorate it the best so your Christmas tree looks better than everyone else’s Christmas tree. It’s fun to decorate the Christmas tree but if you are a cat owner, the fun is doubled. You would decorate your Christmas tree; your cat will ruin it. Or, if you are lucky enough to have a sober cat, she might help you decorate the Christmas tree. Since it is Christmas today, how is it possible we don’t give you a treat? We have a special Christmas gift for you all. Today, we have made a collection of 50 photos of pets that are going to make your Christmas a lot better. Scroll down to see the adorable pets celebrating Christmas in their own way.

1. Cuties are ready for Christmas.

Via: HabitRage

2. They don’t have any kids so they took their dog out to look at the lights.


Via: pacmaneatsfruit

3. Meet the 5-year old Sam. He is celebrating his first Christmas.


Via: BioFusionz

4. When Christmas is the best time to surprise your dog.


Via: jjmontaldo

5. Meet Jet, she likes to sit in the Christmas tree.


Via: Stripped_Sweater135

6. “My work here is done.”


Via: 9999monkeys

She is walking away with no regret. That’s her “mission accomplished” face.

7. Hissing you a merry Christmas.


Via: RagTagDemon

8. Happy Christmas from Moo.


Via: AviahWinchester

9. Grumpy catto doesn’t look excited for Christmas.


Via: Mike

10. “For Christmas, my mom got my dog and I matching pajamas.”


Via: Tenten32321

11. He is experiencing height for the first time and just look at his facial expressions.

Via: supercj926

Poor cat wanted to decorate the Christmas tree.

12. He loves getting inside the tree.


Via: clarusdogcow

13. “Paint me like one of your Christmas trees”

Via: Bloody-August

14. Cat: What is he doing here mama?

Dog: Why is she here, dad?


Via: hmmokaywhat

15. Right after getting the Christmas photo.

Via: ashostakovich

16. She is afraid of tangerines so I created a force field around Christmas tree to protect it.


Via: Iatrogenia

17. We have gifts under the Christmas tree.

Via: l3xadecimal

18. I did not drop the tree.


Via: pandaeyed

19. Wifey makes Christmas stockings for every member of the family.

Via: docbak

20. Gatsby got a perfect Christmas present.


Via: DatsBarry

21. Meet Luigi. Last year, she was living on the streets on Christmas. Look at her now.

Via: jeriicco

22. Merry Christmas from the pretty ladies.


Via: momoxoxo

23. They are not getting enough of the Christmas tree.

Via: ryrogova

24. Christmas card for you all.

Via: Prosec_the_drag

25. My siblings used to send me Christmas cards of their kids so I decided to send them Christmas card of my babies. Tasha and Kiara wish you Merry Christmas!

Via: MarreMER

Our favorite kind of Christmas cards are the ones featuring cats. Since we are obsessed with cats, we would love to see a cat on our Christmas card. To everyone who is planning to send us cards, make sure it has an adorable cat on it. Cats can’t resist sitting under the Christmas trees and they will ruin the Christmas tree whenever they get a chance. No matter, which pet do you have at your home, don’t forget to make them wear Santa’s hat. They look adorable in the festive hat. Scroll down to see how other pets are celebrating Christmas.

26. Merry Christmas from Eddie.



27. She evicted baby Jesus from the manger.


Via: revkatebottley

28. When it’s Christmas but you have a cat in the house:

Via: yawinsomeyalosesome

29. Have you ever seen a bunny around the Christmas tree?


Via: southpolesara

30. When your parents want you to be in the Christmas photo but you are not read:

Via: Walrus-Shivers

31. My friend got her a tiny poncho and sombrero for Christmas.

Via: GOpencyprep

We can’t handle her cuteness.

32. That’s how your Christmas tree looks like when you have a cat in the house.


Via: jennthemermaid

33. The best gift one could get on Christmas.

Via: butteryartichoke

34. Getting her photoshoot done.

Via: SkylerReese

35. I don’t remember baby Jesus being grumpy.


Via: xxshadowraidxx

36. She is done with Christmas.

Via: lavender_bunny

37. Which one of these gifts would you pick?

Via: HachiTheHuskyyy

38. Santa came in to surprise my cat.


Via: Skittle_kittle

39. Ollie’s Christmas present.


40. He is putting up lights for Christmas.

Via: Neohexane

41. Hospital’s Service dog dressed up for Christmas.


Via: Slow-moving-sloth

We are sure he is making patients happy.

42. Meet Tiabeanie. It’s her first Christmas with us.

Via: faithmauk

43. When he is too excited about the Christmas presents so he opens them up like this:

Via: hittsprint

44. You are the peanut butter to my jelly.


Via: bmkeck

Why does he look sad? Is he not happy about his Christmas gift?

45. Meet Pinky and Penny.

Via: June_8182

46. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

Via: buckleyhighlandcow

47. When you are a little too excited for Christmas:


Via: blackvial

48. On Christmas morning, she ripped open all the Christmas gifts.

Via: alexisallgood

And you can’t even get mad at her because it is your cat.

49. Teddy’s first Christmas tree.

Via: dipper_5711

50. It’s his first Christmas in the house.

Via: Pumpkin___Escobar

These lovely pets are nailing the Christmas spirit and we are sure everyone celebrating Christmas with their pets would be enjoying more than us. Are you celebrating Christmas with your pet? Did you make them wear festive hats or Christmas bells? If you are a cat owner, update us about your Christmas tree. Is it alive? LOL. Comment down if you enjoyed this post and once again, a Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy your holidays and eat lots of treats!


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