Tiny Kitten Shows Big Shy Cat The True Power Of Love

Love can resolve all problems.

Love is a very powerful tool that can truly cure every single issue one has. It doesn’t cost one anything, it is absolutely free yet only a few are able to properly use it. It is not easy to love or should I say truly love someone. Love requires patience, it requires commitment, and above all it requires compromise. On this third pointer, a lot of people back out of relationships but if we talk about animals, they specifically love that third factor. For the most ideal relationship with those who you love from the bottom of your heart, compromises are key. You can never have all things your way so you give up at times, and they give up at times.

Sometimes this power of love has to be used to let others know its true value and how it can help anyone with anything at all. A little kitten had to use all its capabilities to showcase these powers of love to a big cat who was extremely shy. The little kitten basically wanted to convert all that shyness into confidence and the only tool it used was that of love. Normally one thinks the case would be otherwise, a big cat would help the small one. But here, the little guy achieved maturity early and perhaps this was the reason why.

It was back in 2017 a woman Jazmin Helder heard some meows coming from her backyard. She went to check what was happening and found a stray cat.

The stray cat was stuck to a branch of a tree in Jazmin’s backyard and was elevated quite above the ground.

The cat looked very scared so instead of taking pictures to remember the moment Jazmin decided to help and successfully got the cat down. It looked so innocent and adorable and the magic had already started enchanting her into taking the cat in. The only hurdle stopping Jazmin was the fact that she already had 4 cats but the law doesn’t stop anyone from having 5 cats. The little kitten was adopted right on the spot by Jazmin and she introduced it to the rest of its family with the name “Buddy”.

Jazmin said she had already decided she would help anyone in need if she ever came across them. She came across Buddy and instantly knew she had to bless him with a restart, a new chapter.


Buddy was enjoying life at his new furever home but there was a major problem at hand that Jazmin knew needed to be resolved. Buddy was an extremely shy cat and wouldn’t blend into the “fun” as all the other cats would. No matter how hard we would try internally, interaction with the other cats would scare him and he just wouldn’t do it. Every time the other cats would approach Buddy to play, he would literally run away, panicking. Jazmin was hopeless that Buddy would ever be able to gain the confidence like all her other cats. But that was not the end of things.

A few weeks after adopting Buddy, Jazmin found another stray on the streets who she also decided to take in. It was a small kitten who she named Hannah and surprisingly, Buddy instantly showed interest in her and the two bonded very quickly.


There was something charming about Hannah that instantly attracted Buddy to her. Hannah had a very confident, friendly personality and would be open to all the cats in the house, and also would also show love to Jazmin for bringing her in. The little one had matured way too early. Hannah was quick to realize Buddy’s issue with confidence so she decided to help him get out o the trouble. And it worked,

Hannah only did one thing. It kept showering all the love she could on Buddy and the efforts eventually took all that shyness away from his life and replaced it with friendliness and confidence.


Jazmin was surprised to see Hannah do what she thought was impossible. She did kick herself for giving up on Buddy. A little kitten did what a grown-up woman couldn’t do. You have to give it to Hannah!

Hannah and Buddy are now the cutest couples in the house and all the cats acknowledge their love. All 6 have now bonded to a point that no one can separate them. All cats eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, and play at the same time. They are the best of friends. And Jazmin is just happy to now have 6 new best buddies she can spend time with when she is free. I respect Jamin’s efforts in helping the needy, not many do it in today’s world.

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