20 Mothers-In-Law Who Would Nail The Role Of Protagonists In Horror Movies

Mothers-in-law can be horrible.

But that does not mean there are no good MILs out there. There are, and trust me only the lucky ones get to enjoy that blessing. In the case of the majority, though, the experiences with their mother-in-law aren’t exactly the best. There is a strong school of thought that is very well believed that says mother and son/daughter-in-law just don’t get along and it’s the mother-in-law whose hatred is the reason for this negativity to exist.


In order to let the world know about how horrendous this relationship can be, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law decided to share their terrible experiences with their mothers-in-law. These moments will let you know how tough these MILs can get on you but you will also hence a hint of hilarity as well. I am sure a lot of you will be reconsidering the decision of getting married after viewing this post.

Scroll down below to see these mothers-in-law behave the way the protagonists behave in horror movies.

1. This MIL was eager to hold the baby but wasn’t allowed to.

Source: 6wkspreggers

2. MILs have no patience.


Source: WCR_Empress

3. This MIL would for sure do great as a politician…let me elaborate. As a bad politician.


Source: MrShifu123

4. According to this mother-in-law, you must make black babies prove you care about black lives.


Source: 1LittleMonkeys

5. This MIL only eats the top of the Muffin and leaves the rest of it.


Source: psykotic24

6. What took you so long?


Source: davethurk

7. This entitled MIL believes God permitted her to evade boundaries. Wow!


Source: AerialArria

8. This person’s MIL wakes up every morning, opens a new banana, takes one bite, and leaves the rest for anyone to eat if they want. And the cycle repeats every day.


Source: Username_Used

9. Every time their MIL visits them, she readjusts all the pictures. Here’s a picture proof that shows she makes them crooked. On purpose?


Source: Wonderful_Minute31

10. MIL wanted the couple to change the dates of their wedding because her daughter’s birthday falls in the same month.


Source: indirosie

Honestly, these mothers-in-law are so hilarious. Maybe I am thinking in this direction because they are not my MILs and perhaps the ones being part of the experience would know how infuriating and terrible they sound. To be honest, I don’t understand why they behave like this. And then I finally came up with an explanation. The explanation is “it is what it is”. Herbivores don’t eat meat, cats hate dogs, women can’t be men, it’s just one of those things. You have to accept and move on with it.

However, they really would make up great horror movie villains…and comedians.

11. MIL went from zero to one hundred real quick.

Source: SyracuseBiscuits

12. From now on, we must only trust what we don’t read.


Source: fuckthis27

13. Imagery of someone’s MIL cooking bacon.

Source: collegesadboy

14. Her MIL announced per pregnancy on FaceBook and now she is back to ruin her life for the umpteenth time.


Source: Nalas_ofthe_balas

15. This MIL thought her Facebook account got hacked after the app received an update and looked different…She proceeded to call the police after this text to her SIL.

Source: SummerTime1987

16. MIL went on a secret mission and cut her grandson’s hair without taking anyone’s consent.


Source: Whspers12

17. Only MILs can start an argument on this.

Source: Thealmightyfug

18. Can you guess who sliced this birthday cake? Yes, a mother-in-law.


Source: Cavalier26

19. The message was wide and clear from this mother-in-law.

Source: SaltyDogBiscuit

20. MIL gave her family COVID.


Source: Stricky92

I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. All the married ones out there, have you guys had such an experience with your mother-in-law?

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