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11 Movie Goofs In Popular Movies That You Never Noticed

Let’s see if you know these goofs.

Movie goofs are a normal thing. Making a movie and going through the entire production process can be insanely hectic. Making everything look as perfect as possible can take forever so our fheavourite movies pack in a few goofs and it’s nothing big. Unless you pay really close attention, No way could you find any of these hence second or third time rewatching the same film can expose a couple of goof that went either unnoticed or completely under the rug. So we bring you these 11 films and their goofs. Here you go:




© 300 / Warner Bros. Pictures

You can see the garments underneath the clothes.

 The Last Duel


© The Last Duel / 20th Century Studios

These puppies weren’t even a thing at that time period.


Murder on the Orient Express (2017)


© Murder on the Orient Express / 20th Century Fox

The shield is missing when he goes back to sleep the next day.


Mary Queen of Scots


© Mary Queen of Scots / Focus Features

”The movie begins with the scene where 19-year-old Mary Stuart returns from France to Scotland in 1561, and ends with her execution in 1587, covering a period of 26 years.”




© Gladiator / Scott Free Productions

Bone corset didn’t exist in the 2nd century.


The Witcher


© The Witcher / Netflix

Ciri looks way too modern for the age she’s in.


Little Women


Did you notice the metal bottle?


Downton Abbey


© Downton Abbey / Carnival Film & Television

Corsets weren’t made to cover breasts back in the 1910s.




© Judy / Pathé

They couldn’t decide whether this character was left-handed or right-handed.


The Revenant


© The Revenant / New Regency Productions

Why doesn’t Leonardo’s moustache or beard grow while he’s out in the wild?


I, Tonya

© I, Tonya / AI-Film

Skaters wear the same skates they practice in so they know all the dynamics of how the shoes would work in a real-life scenario but this character is given new ones for the skate competition.


And with that said, we conclude our list. Let us know which ones were your favourite in the comment section below.


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