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18 People Who Wanted A Pet But Ended Up Getting A Naughty Roommate Instead

It’s been said that cat’s are history’s prettiest criminals. We agree! In the end they will steal your  socks, shrimps, and heart. That’s all fair at the end of the day. We accept it.

And just when the pet owners are about to get mad at their little ones for being naughty or doing something odd, their hearts melt just after looking at their adorable faces. Obviously no one has such a strong will to chastise or scold these little ones. Because they’re adorable and tiny creatures, it’s unlikely that anyone would dare to scream at these naughty fellows.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest and most astonishing videos of these mischievous little critters. Enjoy!

1. Holy Crap! Who put that needle in my shoe?

Via  Tangler/Imgur

’’She is no longer allowed in my office.’’

2. This cat loves texting.

Via keopidor/Reddit

3. Did you like my new PONCHO?

Via RedIceBreaker/Reddit

’’My dog chewed a hole through his towel. Now he wears it like a poncho.’’

4. This kitty is usually a nice boy. Not anymore though.

Via  Ihailfromhyrule/Reddit

’’He’s actually a sweet boy when he’s not biting my face.’’

5. Meow!! Here’s your parcel sir.

Via moi3ius/Reddit

’’Bagel the Bengal, destroyer of boxes.’’

6. This little ones dad bought the fanciest toys for this naught baby. In reality, her primary purpose is to destroy the home.

Via V_J_B/Reddit

“Bane, destroyer of worlds’’

7. Oh God, Why are these furry babies so naughty.

Via tinselpandora/Reddit

’’Look at her living life like she pays her own vet bills.’’

8. Warning!! You might get a mini Heart-Attack.

Via auniqueusername20XX/Reddit

’’I almost had a heart attack when I got home today.’’

9. Lemme take some rest before another episode of destruction.

Via  siniiblue/Reddit

This group of mischievous pets are so well-trained. How can they come up with so many destructive ideas? Regardless of how bad these fluffies become, their adorable outlook will always have us swooning. Because they make our lives full, we love and adore them. These adorable pets bring a burst of happiness and color to our home. So thanks to these babies for bringing spark in our life.

10. Today’s meal will be a tasty kitty dish.

Via  terpsi/Imgur

’’I spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed.’’

11. Take a look at that tiny paw sign. Isn’t it adorable?

Via Rita_Metermaid/Reddit

’’Some cat “helped” with this paving stone near my house.’’

12. This pup apparently found this weight tray very cozy.

Via K1ngWallace/Reddit

’’The first time he went to the vet’’

13. Well, no captions needed here.

Via RichJMoney/Reddit

’’Pavlov woke me up early to show off his kill.’’

14. Hey Hooman, stop working and feed me. I’m hungry.

Via SamuraiGhostDog/Reddit

’’Pay attention to me.’’

15. A Healthy Nap.

Via Burritoworld/Imgur

’’My cat fell asleep in my salad.’’

16. Here’s your kitty.

Via  Enter_Text_Here/Reddit

17. Just look at that cat standing behind her. Like: Did you find it yet?

Via  jesseichner/Reddit

’’She pushes her toy mouse under the stove more than 5 times a day and then meows until I crawl under to get it.’’

18. It appears that this dog has found a new place to sleep.

Via Carnivalman302/Imgur

Do you own any pets? If yes, what kind of animal is living in your house? Isn’t it true that animals with a sense of humor spice up our daily routines? Do share your pet’s photos with us in the comments section below as we would love to see them.


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