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Entitled Neighbor Harvests Woman’s Entire Herb Garden After She Kindly Offers Some

What kind of audacity would that be? When your neighbor offers you some of the fruits of their labor, you take advantage of the opportunity to sneak over to their herb garden and snip off all of the leaves.


This lady just strolled over to her neighbor’s property and went to town with her little scissors, guaranteeing that her herb supply would last for months. “No good deed goes unpunished which is why I never offer anything to anyone.

The victim of this horrible assault, u/yikesladyy, posted this topic to the r/entitledpeople subreddit. She shared the incident on this little subreddit to show how her obnoxious neighbors acted when they decided they had the right to harvest her herb garden. Keep on scrolling down below to deep dive into this case and make sure you watch it till the end.

1. No good deeds go unpunished 

Font - Posted by u/yikesladyy 23 hours ago Entitled neighbor helps herself to my garden Well, I should have known that no good deed goes unpunished. We have a small vegetable and herb garden in the corner of our yard. Two neighbors have the ability and my permission to reach over the fence and snip off any herbs they need. We always grow much more than we can use. One neighbor has been doing it for years with no problems. He takes a sprig or 2 a few times a week and always asks if he needs more

2. Dumbass with a pair of scissors, seriously?

Font - The other neighbor never cooked, so he never took any. Now he has a new GF and she happened to introduce herself while I was planting the herbs, so I offered her some ONCE IT HAS A CHANCE TO GROW A BIT. Sooooo, of course, 2 weeks after I planted, she snips off all but a few leaves off of every fucking herb. 2 weeks. I was LIVID. My BF went over and explained that it was too soon, the plants were tiny, not ready, etc. He's much nicer than I am. The neighbor apologized profusely and said th

3. Where are those nice neighbors found? I don’t have any

Font - We looked at each other for a few seconds and then I just said, "Please get your herbs at the store from now on." I can't believe I managed to think of that!! Usually I think of a great comeback 10 minutes after the fact. She turned bright red and went in the house. Hopefully she embarrassed herself enough to stay away. I don't want to have problems with this neighbor. He's nice and quiet and doesn't bother anyone. Tomorrow it will be a week since I caught her again. We'll see what happen

4. Cheaper than a ring camera wow

Font - Moxie Girl9229 · 19 hr. ago Get some shade cloth and a frame and cover them. They'll still get the sun and rain, but wouldn't be easily accessible. And this is something I would do bc I'm petty, put a sign facing that neighbor saying, "All snipping must be approved in advance. Thank you and have a nice day." 216 Reply Share msmaebelle62 - 6 hr. ago I like this suggestion best of all. Cheaper than a ring camera and service connection for it. 34 ●●● Reply Share SpoonyTheBest. 3 hr. ago Yess

5. Note plants take time to grow

Font - atomskeater 16 hr. ago Like, did she think you just wouldn't have a problem with your plants being snipped down to a stem and a few leaves? Did she not know plants take time to grow? It astounds me how people can see the inch you've extended to them as a favor and take a hell of a lot of miles. So rude. I tried growing some herbs and flowers from seed for the first time last year, gives me appreciation for all the work that goes into growing plants. 172 ... Reply Share yikesladyy OP. 8 hr

6. Next time you catch her call the police

Font - Haunting_Effect3300 5 hr. ago . Since GF is apparently used to getting herbs from the store where there is always a supply, she probably thinks that ALL herbs plants magically regrow overnight. OP, in addition to the cloth covering suggested above, is there a way to like lock the gate between that particular neighbor?? Since she seemed to have missed the part about "reaching over the fence" to access, to give the plants enough time to grow. She's been warned twice. Third time, call the po

7. Surveillance camera for the garden?

Font - DeepFudge9235 · 20 hr. ago Get a surveillance camera for the garden? I think ring even has ones you can hide in plant pots. 313 Reply Share yikesladyy OP · 20 hr. ago I can just count the leaves on my poor little plants! LMAO! They'll still grow. It's just that now the nice neighbor and I have to wait longer for our first snip and that sucks. 290 Reply Share

8. What an insane neighbor plus thief

Font - TYdays 8 hr. ago I had the same problem with my next door neighbor using a ladder to climb over a 7 foot fence to steal all of my cherry tomatoes last year. This year I bought an indoor planter with all the bells and whistles. Have been growing indoors now. Same neighbor saw it through the window, and asked for a key to the house so she could get what she needed if we weren't home. Sometimes I just don't get how entitled people think. 51 Reply Share yikesladyy OP. 8 hr. ago That's insane!

9. Does OP needs to have that glass growing houses with a lock, what do you think?

Font - JipC1963 16 hr. ago • Unbelievably entitled, ESPECIALLY with such young plants! You CAN replant your herbs into pots when the weather turns cold and take them to a sunny spot in your home, you know, right? Then you have year-round herbs! Happy growing! 42 Reply Share sodamnsleepy - 12 hr. ago Op should get one of those glas growing houses with a lock 12 Reply Share
This was insane, right? I mean what kind of neighbors do this? It’s quite absurd to go into someone’s herb garden and snip them. Even though the OP told her to not snip those herbs several times, she still decided to go and snip those plants. OP was nice to that man’s girlfriend and she offered her some of her vegetables and herbs. Guess what she did? She snips off all but a few leaves off every herb although those plants were tiny and it was not ready.
If you have some nice neighbors around your home then you should be thankful for that because the world is full of dumb and stupid neighbors like this. We hope you liked this thread. Let us know your comments about this post and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more content. Thank You!.

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