14 Times Neighbors Hilariously Detested Each Other

You don’t always get the best neighbors. 

It’s just a thing you have to deal with when you move into a new house. I have moved into new houses many times in my life and let me tell you, only once or twice have our neighbors been courteous and nice. Maybe you have experiences of your own with bad neighbors? Because these people certainly did. And what better way to feel good about yourself than blast your neighbors on the Internet.

From petty revenge to pro, these stories have it all. Well, using the word story is wrong since technically these are snippets of text conversations. However, we can clearly see that a lot is happening between the neighbors. Scroll on below and get ready for a few laughs.

Source: Imgur

#1 Why would somebody steal a trashcan? Don’t they have one of their own?

#2 We finally know why the cat was getting fat.


#3 Just don’t fight so loud when you’re walls are thin.


Some of these I can’t tell who is supposed to be the asshole cause they both seem like shit people. -EirikurDC

#4 I’d call the police if I were this person.


I don’t have any of my neighbours number nor do they have mine. And I don’t have a spare key hidden outside.. -SometimesAfox

#5 Well, it is his house, he can do whatever he wants.


What is with folks having these phone conversations with their neighbors?? They’re a neighbor, not a friend. -MagosExploratorRel

#6 All of my favorite movies.


#7 That was a complete surprise.


I think this guy owes him more than just a beer.

#8 While it is none of his business you should listen to good advice.


#9 It has to be someone’s right?


I don’t know my neighbor’s name. I’ve been here two years and I’ve seen him twice. Best neighbor ever. The a**holes above me however… -relsky

#10 That doesn’t look like the face of someone who wants to quit.


#11 It wasn’t a big deal after all.

What happened to getting to know your neighbors? -Lionskull

#12 This is the best revenge by a mile.


#13 I think the contact name for Dan is very appropriate.

#14 Some flowers might help as well.


What are your neighbors like? Would they do something similar to this? Or are you the neighbor that everyone hates? Comment down below and let us know.


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