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Woman And Her Husband Savagely Trolls This Creep Who Asked Her Photos For Money

The internet is full of creeps.

In this day and age it’s not surprising for people to receive messages online from weirdos. The internet is full of weirdos who would often dm you with their “unusual” requests. Since, it’s 2020 and a lot of us have experienced this, it’s safe to assume that the majority can relate.

However, what’s different is the way people react to these unwanted messages. The most popular way to deal with these creeps is to ignore them. Stalkers/predators/opportunists tend to jump from one victim to another when they are not entertained. While most people just ignore, others either block or report them.

But once in a blue moon we get to witness those of us who make a proper example out of these creeps. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what happened a few days back!

A guy named Jordan shared his hilarious experience on Facebook after some weirdo texted his wife on Instagram.

So last night my wife got some creepy ass messages on instagram, so we decided to have a lil fun,” writes Jordon. The hilarious post quickly went viral. As of this moment, it has almost 100k shares on Facebook.


The screenshots below show how the couple dealt with this online creep. Check it out:

Unlike most guys he straight up asked for the pictures. I’ve got to say, quite a bold move.


Soon she decided to play along.


Funnily enough, the creep actually paid.


Sadly, the poor guy had no idea what was coming his way.


And then, this happened…


Not sure if he was embarrassed or played it cool, either way there wasn’t much for him to say.


While it was clearly one of the funniest incidents we’ve seen in a while, we have got to admit that the creep was a very polite guy who happily accepted his fate. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what he wanted…

I guess, we will never know! What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever received such ‘requests’ from weirdos before? Let us know in the comments below.


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