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50 Hilarious Dog Pics That Prove You’ll Never Be Bored With A Dog In Your House

Dogs are a mix of everything we have ever wanted.

They are chaotic, affectionate, fun, silly, and adorable all at the same time. What else could we ask from these adorable little furballs? I mean, a dog is perfectly capable of making your day by just being itself. He won’t need to try and do something extra, it is just his aura that is so warm and cheerful that it’ll take all the stress away from you. This is why it is very important to get your daily dose of hilarious and wholesome doggos, so you will always have a reason to wake up in the morning. There is a lot of logic behind a dog’s behaviour and how he interprets his relationship with his owner, we will explain that throughout the article.

So, go ahead and absorb these hilarious but wholesome dogs and be prepared for them to make your day! Scroll down below and enjoy:

Perfect Timing


Draw Me Like One Of Your German Girls


I Use Cannabis Oil For Medicinal Purposes, I Accidentally Dropped Some To The Floor And My Dog Licked It


My Dog Gets Ear Infections Easily, So I Got Him A Shower Cap


Dog trainer and pet expert Andrea Arden from New York explained that dogs look up to their owners as their parents. So basically, your dog should be treated as you would treat your own child. “Dogs feel most secure, comfortable, and happy when around their people,” the author of Barron’s Dog Training Bible and Dog-Friendly Dog Training told Bored Panda in an interview.

This is what I looked like as a kid because my mom used to cut my bangs.


He stole someone’s dentures.


This potato wanted to look just like the dog.

Rufferse the car.



Retired NASA Astronaut, Leland Melvin’s Official Portrait

“Even just the scent of their human makes them happy. This has been proven in studies that use MRIs to track brain activity in dogs.” Their eyes can tell a lot as well. “A dog looks at the owner and attempts to work out what kind of relationship is taking place,” Nigel Reed, a London based dog behaviourist and author said.

He Wanted Me To Go Outside And Play Fetch


Mini Chewbacca.

Felix and Finley were left alone for just a few minutes.


The Dog Was Much Happier Before Her

It is very healthy for a human to spend time with his dog. Fun fact, dog owners are at a lower risk of death because they have controlled, low blood pressures and they can cope with stress much more easily than someone who doesn’t own a dog. Dogs also help us become more social. You’re walking down the street with your dog and you see another dog owner with his dog. You will probably stand there and chat with them for a while, mostly dog-related things, while your doggos play together. So when they are making friends, so are you in most cases. It is easier for 40% of dog owners to make new friends with people that are complete strangers.

Cause This Is Thrilleeeeeer!


You will have to cooperate.

That looks terrifying.



Such a beautiful photobomb.

Leave Me Alone, Human! I Told You I Hate Baths


Our dogs love us unconditionally, and it is only fair if we return the same kind of love to them. “Dogs provide one of the most uncomplicated (and most beneficial) relationships one could hope,” Arden said. “Making them happy is generally as simple as providing them with a home, nutritious food, clean water, appropriate toys, plenty of appropriate exercises for them to release both physical and mental energy, and companionship. Pretty short and easy list for a bestie.”

Breaching Buddies

We should learn from them.



All Hail The New King

If You Can’t Hide A Crime Scene, Just Pretend You Are A Victim


You can also tell a lot about a dog’s emotions from their body language. “A dog’s body language tells you a lot about how they’re feeling,” Arden said. “Relaxed, soft, loose body language (including soft tail wag, play bows, relaxed ear set, and soft eyes) are all indicative of a happy dog. Also, a good appetite, good sleep habits (about 16 hours a day for an adult dog), and enthusiasm for interaction are signs that a dog is healthy and happy in their environment.”

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

One Of Piper’s Heckin Cool Tags Came In Today


There is a polar bear at your door.

Dogs will give you unconditional love, unlike humans. You can count on them anywhere, anytime. So it is our duty to look after these silly and adorable creatures because they have no one in this world other than us. We are the only family and friend that they have. Dogs have shorter life spans than humans, so make sure that your dog spends an amazing time in this world while they are still around!

I Guess I’m A Towel Now


He waits for people to throw the ball for him. Legend has it, he is still waiting.

Don’t Stop Me Now


My Girlfriend Finally Woke Up Before Me And Caught Our Usual Sleeping Arrangement That I’ve Been Complaining About. The Bed Is King-Size

These Are In Fact The Same Dog On The Same Day


Sliced Bread

They Grow Up So Fast


Anubis Wears Adidas, Apparently

She’s The Only Thing Keeping The Tower From Falling.


Say Hello To Bagel The Beagle

That is one cool pupper.


Dog Park Engagement Photos Did Not Disappoint

White Doggo vs. Freshly Cut Grass


They are multiplying!

Nobody can take our place.


This Aquatic Explorer I Ran Into Yesterday

When Your Chihuahua Uses Your Bulldog As A Horse


Just Wanted A Nice Family Photo

Our Dog’s New Hairdo, Courtesy Of The Cat

Head Pats And Rubs Go Right Here Please

Day Dreaming In Front Of The BBQ

He seems chill but just try messing with him.



During And After A Shower

A resourceful doggo.

Did any of these crack you up? What silly things does your dog do? Share your stories in the comments below so others can have a laugh as well!


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