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New Dad Leaves Delivery Room Quickly After His Baby Was Born To Throw Up

Although parenting is one of the toughest processes or acts in the world, the joy of having a baby makes you forget about all those challenges. At that moment, you only care to cherish the features of the newborn that just came into this world and everything in your life revolves around it. While it is the best moment a man and woman have together, we must not ignore how painful the whole delivery process can be for the woman. Every girl in such a situation wants their man to be with them so they get through it together. But let’s just say not every man has a heart of steel to be with their wife/girlfriend throughout the delivery process.

In today’s story, we have a girlfriend who went into labor, and OP decided that he will be with her in the delivery room while she gives birth, to be as supportive as he can. But while she was giving birth, it made OP extremely nauseous. No matter what he tried, things just kept getting worse for him. On the verge of puking, as soon as he knew his girlfriend has delivered the baby he ran to the bathroom and got there just in time to puke.

Upon returning, he met a very angry girlfriend and an upset family of hers who all called him an AH for not being there to hold his newborn and running away instead.

OP took it to the infamous subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to ask if his leaving the delivery room to puke was the right thing to do or not.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down.

1. OP and his girlfriend became parents and he cannot find words to represent his happiness and excitement for the new chapter of life.


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2. OP decided to be with his girlfriend in the delivery room and in there he got extremely nauseous while she was giving birth.


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3. He tried everything to make the feeling go away but nothing worked so as soon as his girlfriend gave birth, the first thing he did was run to the bathroom and he puked as soon as he entered in there.


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4. After feeling better he returned to his girlfriend and his newborn and she was really upset with him.


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5. His girlfriend kept telling every visitor about the incident which embarrassed the apologetic father.


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6. OP had no option but to run for the bathroom because his puking in the delivery room wouldn’t have been an enjoyable scene either.


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OP was NTA here. Just think about it for a second. Had he puked in the room in which his baby just got delivered, it would’ve been a much terrible situation and the chances of the little one getting infected would have been high as well. Anything can happen, right? So you have to take a decision that is in the best interest of everyone around you and yourself and OP did just that. Leaving for the bathroom for a great decision.

Yes, you cannot entirely blame the girlfriend for being angry because she did just go through a very difficult, painful delivery process and her hormones must probably be flowing like crazy. OP should wait for a little time and then have a heart-to-heart conversation with his girlfriend to let her know what exactly happened. I am sure she will understand.

Here’s whose favor the AITA members voted in and why:

7. OP made a really good choice by leaving.


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8. He came back as soon as he was done so that does not make him inconsiderate.


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9. Her getting upset is understandable. OP should talk to her once she gets full rest and the visitor crowd shrinks a little.


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10. OP really does deserve a break here.

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11. It sure was a huge moment and every father would want to be there with their newborn and the mother…but in this situation leaving the room was the best move OP could’ve made.


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12. The girlfriend probably had no clue why OP left or where he went and that’s what upset her. After knowing what had actually happened, she will be fine.

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13. Cannot even imagine such a thing ever happening.


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14. They will probably be laughing about it on the child’s every birthday.

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15. Her being upset may also have not been in her control.


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16. I slightly tougher choice of words but this Redditor also makes the same point as all the other ones.

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17. The new mom needs to understand OP had to run away or else he would’ve created a much bigger mess.


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18. Things will go normally.

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19. Having the nurses explain OP’s situation to the mother and her family may actually be a very good strategy.


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I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your votes and thoughts in the comments section below.

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