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22 Girls Whose Cats Stole Their Boyfriends’ Hearts And They Shared Pics For The Proof

Cats will steal your boyfriend’s heart and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Your love with your cats will be real but they would still choose to betray you no matter how much love and care you provide them. They will steal your boyfriend right under your nose and you will be left with no option than to put up with the situation. Cats are smart creatures and they have those looks and innocent moves to steal anyone’s heart. Today, we have made a list of those poor girls whose cats betrayed them and stole their boyfriend’s hearts. Scroll down and watch these shameless yet adorable cats.

1. My cat when boyfriend closes the door.

© Skoocho / Reddit

2. My cat and my husband giving us the major couple goals.


© unaragazza / Reddit

3. Cat loves sitting on boyfriend’s chest.


© unaragazza / Reddit

4. Whenever boyfriend sits to work.


© d***snothugs16 / Reddit

5. Looks like my boyfriend loves my cat more than me.


© Common_Chameleon / Reddit

6. I wanted a cat but my boyfriend didn’t want one. Well, we got one because it will make me happy. Guess, who she is making happy now?


© emilyjobot / Reddit

7. They are happy in their own world.


© lia_nickova / Reddit

8. How obsessed she is with my boyfriend!


© Donateblood0001 / Reddit

9. They like each other.


© bryre21 / Reddit

10. Good dressing and a cat. That’s how you can win any girl’s heart.


© TheXanderZone / Reddit

11. Boyfriend never wanted a cat in the house.

© pinkypie222 / Reddit

When you want a cat but your boyfriend doesn’t want one. You end up getting a cat somehow and after a few days, you find your boyfriend bonding with the cat more than you. This is strong evidence that cats can make anyone fall in love. Well, they are cute and can make their place in anyone’s heart. Well, girl, you are not alone. There are many others whose boyfriends are loving their cats more than them. Scroll down to watch.

12. She is mimicking how my fiancé sits.


© platnmprincess / Reddit

13. No one loves me. They are happy loving each other.

© Graveyardgurl83 / Reddit


14. My shy cat has bonded with my cat and wouldn’t leave his side.


© shoresb / Reddit

15. She likes doing this with my boyfriend’s nose and he doesn’t seem to mind.

© emmajanelane / Reddit

16. My cat Aries loves my husband and makes him carry him wherever he goes.


© aspophilia / Reddit

17. Cat wants attention from my boyfriend.

© iamseeingred17 / Reddit

18. My husband never wanted a cat, she made him love cats.


© s1ng1ngsqu1rrel / Reddit

19. Whenever my husband gets a haircut, Onyx comes, meows and watches the whole process patiently.

© sill_will / Reddit

20. So obsessed with my husband.


© The_Kendragon / Reddit

21. I was away from home for three weeks and in the meantime she stole my man.

© sillykittyish / Reddit

22. “No, he is my man” face.


© neopetting / Reddit

If your cat has been obsessed with your boyfriend, she will make you feel like the third wheel in the relationship. Has your cat ever been this obsessed with your boyfriend or husband? If yes, comment down below so we don’t feel that much hurt.


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