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33 Non-Disney Animated Movies You Grew Up With That You’ll Never Forget

If you look into the history of animation, it goes back to the19th century. It started from black and white short transitional videos, with conventional transitions, fewer effects, and very short or no script at all. The popularity of animated cinema gave birth to brand-new technologies which could create quality content. Animation took flight after Disney’s Snowhite and the seven dwarfs, the moment of truth that the entertainment industry was incomplete without animated films being a separate genre.


The pioneering technologies then further evolved the animated film genre with added cinematic effects, smooth transitions, scenic transitions, higher resolutions, better character design, sharp colors, voice-over, and much more which we admire in today’s era. Humans could then bring their broad imaginations to life through animation. It was a game-changer for the entertainment industry. Disney sure was among the trendsetter of animated movies but soon other studios made quite a prominent progress and successfully made their way into the world of animation. Some non-Disney studios which have made their name in the industry include Pixar, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Aardman animations, Paramount pictures, etc.

Animated movies have played a major role in making our childhood worthwhile, we grew up admiring many characters from these films. People were asked about their non-Disney animated favorites and damn the nostalgia hit hard. Here’s a list of some of the greatest animated films of all time which aren’t getting out of our heads anytime soon!

1. The land before time

Humans have probably been obsessed with dinosaurs for a very long time. The land before time is another classic tale of dinosaurs facing the realities of life and their journey to survive as orphans. Such a heart-touching production!

2. The road to El-dorado


This movie has a separate fan following for its music production! It is funny, light, and the most appreciatable aspect is that it runs close to life.

3. Spirited away


Not getting over this film anytime soon. Spirited away revolves around the connection between elements of Japanese folklore and modern-day Japan, it has deeply inspired the audience around the world.

4. Anastasia


Surely a beautiful animation with strong vocal performances!

5. The American tail


One of the best memory from childhood, for sure. The ‘tail’ of a Russian little mouse trying to find his family, in the unknown land called America. Never say never whatever you do was the most uplifting soundtrack!

6. Ice-age


Another classic from childhood, Ice age reached well-deserved heights of popularity for its amazing story line-up and a strong script. “I don’t know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I have ever seen” pretty much sums up the whole Ice-age series.

7. The page-master


A magical story with a worth mentioning voice-over cast

8. The swan princess


Most people might have found the story to be a little mainstream, but it has its own elements which stand out. Jean-Bob was the best one from the movie.

9. The brave little toaster


The idea around which the whole movie centers is pretty thoughtful

10. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


11. How to train your dragon

An impressive array, makes you want to fall in love with dragons. A huge fan!

12. Barbie as Rapunzel


A nice modern display of an older classic

13. Rise of the guardians

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An enchanting film, with a sweet heart-felt story line-up. A landmark for the tech-age animation productions

14. Thumbelina


15. Princess Mononoke

“All of Studio Ghibli, but especially Princess Mononoke. It’s visually stunning and matched by a complex plot that’s not typically seen in some other animated films. It taught me at a young age that the world isn’t black and white. Can’t recommend this film and other Ghibli films enough!” — perfectly described by a fan

The list mentioned here is a must-add to your family movie nights. These light-witted, moral-oriented, and fun animated movies have been long adored for a reason. The content quality these films contain is hard to find in the present age. If you’re a parent and these movies were a classic in your childhood make sure to show them to your little ones, they’ll surely enjoy them as well as get to learn a lot from these amazing animations!

16. Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses


An interesting plot from the Barbie Saga movies. The visual effects definitely deserve an applaud

17. Robots

A movie that should be included on the watch-list of today’s tech-oriented children, it’s an inspiration!

18. Megamind


Hilarious and a thought-provoking animation

19. The Princess and the Goblin

20. Cats don’t dance


21. The Iron Giant

A great production, a turning point of animation as it included an element of Science-fiction which wasn’t so common then.

22. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie


A heart-warming stop-motion Christmas tale. Its stop-motion element is to be praised even by today’s modern standards.

23. FernGully- the last rainforest

Based on the Australian forests, the magical inhabitants of the rainforest are on the quest of saving their homes. The most mentionable aspect of this movie is how it isn’t exactly based on revenge although the forest, which is home to the fairies, is being illegally cut by the humans. It includes a softer way of conveying the message. Another interesting thing that is to be mentioned is that it has an environment-saving message to convey.

24. Barbie of Swan lake

25. The little fox

26. Quest for Camelot


A decent story line-up, which is quite underrated

27. The last unicorn


28. Tom and Jerry: The movie

Who would want to miss out on an all-time favorite, the Tom and Jerry tale?

29. Little Nemo: Adventures of Slumberland


“Based on the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay, the film went through a lengthy development process with a number of screenwriters”

30. Barbie as the princess and the pauper

This film has one of the best soundtrack collections, quite inspiring!

31. The secret of NIMH

32. All dogs go to Heaven


A little hard-to-swallow story for children but still an amazing heart-touching film. Love survives the last song from the movie, is a deeply rooted conclusion of the whole movie

33. The prince of Egypt

Based on the events from the past, this film sure has some bitter truths to exhibit. A beautiful story plot, well-executed

Which one from the above would you choose to watch again and again even when you’re old? Do let us know in the comments!


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