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25 Oddly Satisfying Comparisons Between Random Things That Will Calm Your Nerves

These photos will bring peace in your life.

We live in a weird world. We are surrounded by so many living beings and objects which are unique in their own way. Sometimes, we find uniformity between the things that may look completely different from each other. Also, some things, when are found together look so bizarre and different, that we can’t help but wonder about the crazy world we live in.


Human mind is even weirder. You won’t be having any idea of what can possibly please you until you see a weird ass thing that activates your brain in an instant. So, your weird ass brain loves these weird ass things and also the comparisons between them. For this reason, we have here some really satisfying photos of really different things that will stimulate your nervous system for good.

Scroll down to have your today’s dose of aesthetics.

#1 Two humans standing in front of giant Sequoia trees.

These massive trees are also called giant redwood, Sierra redwood, Sierran redwood or Wellingtonia. They can grow about 50 to 80m tall.

Absolutely majestic!


#2 Before and after picture of Mount, St. Helens after the eruption in 1980.

The central vent of the mountain erupted on May 18, 1980, that resulted into a large landslide. It caused a great damage and casualties and the whole area looked so apocalyptic afterwards.

via: baryonyx257

#3 One man’s head vs Peruvian guinea pig.

No, these are not two human heads but one is actually an adorable breed of pigs. These pigs notable feature is their shiny hair that need lot of care and maintenance.

via: absophoto

#4 Star fish with six, five and four arms.

So satisfying!

via: _octopus72

#5 A hummingbird vs a raspberry.

via: Heart-Bubbles

#6 Honey that was collected during different seasons

Which one would you like? Spring, summer of fall?

via: Zig-Zag

Amazing, right?

We absolutely love looking at these amazing photographs that wonderfully depict how amazing life and things around us are. I mean, look at them? Aren’t these wonderful? Well, don’t stop. We have more of them.

#7 This gorgeous doggo Spokey before and after she was adopted.

via: goldie0702

#8 Mussels in one tank of river water vs the other without them.

Mussels filter water and are an important part of aquatic ecosystems.

via: gangbangkang

#9 The same tree captured in three different seasons.

via: Jozef Morgoš

#10 A human being vs a whale’s skull.


#11 Man vs the largest known animal ‘Quetzalcoatlus’

via: EllisTomago

#12 Amounts of heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil that are enough to kill.

via: psutherland458

#13 61 years old grandma vs 12 years old granddaughters.

via: geneticportraits

#14 This Korean grandma already seems so proud of her grandson.

via: Thermochopps

#15 A human hand compared to a tiger’s paw.

via: cHoGbOrTSwIzArDhOmE

#16 You can barely see the human standing next to those gigantic cactuses.

via: Tll6

#17A lion’s head vs a human’s.

via: lionwhisperersa

#18 Genetic transfer worked well from grandfather to grandson.

via: Neuromancy

#19 It calms my nerves.

via: russellcrowe

#20 The hilarious comparison photo of first and last day of school.

via: RememberWho

#21 The winter glow-up is real.

via: Leia&Myrcella

#22 The food you can get from the same amount you pay for these cigarettes in Australia.

via: judy.kerrison

#23 400Ib more weight increases the size of a regular t shirt to this.

via: braaaa1ns

#24 1 exposure vs 120 exposures.

via: vpsj

#25 Beach cleanup project at Versova.

via: polymurphy

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