Funny Pictures That Prove One Should Never Trust A Cat

Never trust a cat even if it is your own.

Cats are famously known for being independent. They have a confident and very fierce personality that allows them to do whatever the hell they want. As a cat owner, you may think you can trust your cat because it is your pet and it will live life exactly the way you want it to. I am sorry sir/madame but that is not the case. Your cat may have cuddled with you for the entirety of last night and that might have been a really cute memory to cherish for the rest of your life. But try delaying its breakfast the next morning for a minute or two. You may potentially end up with a big paw slap and a couple of scratches on the nose. All those cherishable memories will instantly go down the drain. So yes, do not trust a cat because you will be considered a complete fool if you do so. Trusting a cat is basically like having a wrong number promise you that you have won a million dollars and will receive them in two days if you provide your bank details. You won’t, such things don’t happen.

Today we will be exploring this concept a bit deeper by looking at some funny cat pictures and will be seeing if it is okay to trust cats or not.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. You can never know what makes a cat feel the most comfortable. One day it could be a luxurious bed with a top-notch spring mattress, the other day it could be a crate full of chicken eggs.


2. Guilt and cats never cross paths. This one did feel guilty for a second in the middle of absolutely annihilating that curtain but the guilt was quick to mind its own business as the cat continued with the rampage.

Maybe it stop for a second to think it would never be able to play with that curtain again. And then probably went “meh, never mind. This is more fun.”.


3. His dinner was 1 minute and 17 seconds late last night. This is how he protested the next morning before his Dad had taken the morning sh*t.


4. It basically wanted to explore what the other end held. At least it won’t be doing so the next time.

You still don’t see any signs of guilt.


5. There you go, human. I am not on the counter but my existence is still associated with it. Do what you want to do.


Oh my god, cats literally have every trick stored in their infamous book. I really need to find this book because it seems to do the trick just fine. Cats are a creature of their own will and these images prove this statement so well. I love how they always have a response ready to shoot. And they will always do the exact opposite of what you tell them to do.

Let’s enjoy some more cats letting us know to never trust them.

6. Morning yoga got interrupted by the cat. And I am sure this happened because the cat felt ignored.


7. No matter how convincing his argument is, just do not let Max in.

8. Well, you should’ve included him in so none of this would’ve happened.


9. So you have mastered control over these creatures but you may never get a hold of my nervous system, human.

10. When it’s bath day and this time cats have mutually planned to stop mommy together.

When will the cats’ hate for bath end?


I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. So, are you still willing to take your chances and trust a cat? I think I will.

Day tuned for more cat goodness!


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