25 Orange Cats Who Decided To Turn Silly

Cats can be very silly.

Cats are one of if not the most renowned species for being silly. Now you may wonder if all animals can be silly. Yes, I do not deny that. But the differentiating factor when it comes to cats is that they can act silly at will (the unintentional part still remains though).

This is mainly owed to a cat’s independent personality. They like channeling their fierceness at times with a belief that the outcome would look great. That, at times, turns out to look almost as silly as they wanted it to look fiercely good. That’s the unintentional part when cats end up doing silly things when they don’t actually intend to.

And then there is this intentional silliness that cats are so famously known for. It is said by many cat owners that they indulge in such behavior to make those they love happy and entertained. So that means the most independent creature on this planet acts dumb just so its loved one is happy. We should be super grateful for cats.

Today we are going to celebrate this silliness but only showcased by orange cats. The majority knows orange cats for their charm and for the way they attract the general audience using their amazing looks. But as I have already said, all cats like being silly at times, and that includes the rare silly moments created by orange cats as well.

Scroll down below to enjoy these moments of orange cats being really silly.

1. He got introduced to leaves the day this picture was taken. Safe to say, he embraces them with style.

Source: nowhalle

2. After observing the way his owner takes his poop from the litter box and throws it in the toilet seat, he realized if it is ultimately going to go in the toilet seat, why not use it directly.


Source: PrincessOake

3. This orange cat found a box and optimized its shape and form to fit into it.


Source: mulcher7

4. It took 2 hours to build the whole cat tree and this is what the cat chose as its favorite new spot.


Source: garageofevil

5. This kitty just witnessed something it is going to cherish for life.


Source: Cooperlici

6. Calling upon the cat gods because Santa didn’t leave him a gift this Christmas.


Source: cleecloomou

7. “This is Philip J Fry and he is my best friend.”


Source: jessprius

8. His owner transformed him into Donald Trump by using his own fur.


Source: Lam0rac

9. This cute boy got stuck on top of the wardrobe door. The real question is, how did he get up there?


Source: FranciscoEverywhere

10. This cat is proudly showing off the single brain cell it has.


Source: Fearless-Acadia-6613

11. “We told him he wouldn’t like it outside, but he insisted. This is what we saw on our doorbell cam a few minutes later.”

Source: Urban_Jaguar

12. He malfunctioned and decided his owner should know about it.


Source: Fancy-Stop-3241

This is what happens when you try to use the only brain cell you have in your head. Hilarity aside, I absolutely love these cats for being their true selves. They literally do not worry or care about what others think, they just want to enjoy life and that’s all there is to it.

13. His name got called and it was time to meet the vet so this is how he decided to hide.

Source: Sultry_Penguin

14. “Booker loves staring at ice cubes. He doesn’t lick them or touch them; he just stares and purrs.”


Source: ChalkButter

15. “The brain cell is multiplying!”

Source: darkcitrusmarmelade

16. “Our cat isn’t smart enough to use the litter box, but thankfully she’s so dumb she’s looped back around to being smart and pees in the toilet.”


Source: Cumbandicoot

17. “This is Helga. She jumped into some garlic butter sauce and had to have a bath. She will not learn from this experience.”

Source: 7ornado_al

18. When I say “I slept like a baby last night” this is what I mean.


Source: kooriwi

19. Every time they open the top half of the door, this is how their cat gets stuck in it.

Source: JHRooseveltChrist

20. They are both trying to look for the one brain cell that the cat had…and it got misplaced.


Source: Jay911

21. “Kevin has been sitting and watching a game download for 45 minutes.”

Source: MackHarrison3260

22. “Anyone else’s sleep like this? My sweet Goose.”


Source: ChippySay

23. “A story in 3 parts.”

Source: maxthecat5905

24. “Doesn’t even have enough brain cells for basic cat activities.”


Source: catloverMD

25. “Walked in on a weekly meeting of the minds.”

Source: rockerbox

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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