16 Times Owners Went An Extra Mile To Spoil Their Dogs

True love always makes you put in extra effort, especially when it is for a dog.

Motivation to do something for someone who we deeply love is restored somewhere within us all the time and when the time comes up, all of it and even more of it runs so much through our bodies to do something for all the love, support, and hope they have given and shown up throughout the time together. Our dogs deserve these kinds of efforts. Dogs do everything in their power to keep their humans happy. And the reason is that they feel so much loved and happy around them that they voluntarily want to go an extra mile to make sure their owner is happy, safe, not in stress, entertained, and joyous. And I can’t even start on the dumb things they do that make us laugh all the time. Now whether they do it purposefully or not is another debate but they do it and we love them for it.

Let’s talk about the owners when it comes to giving. Owners recognize all the efforts their dogs make for them and love acknowledging those facts by making those extra efforts as well. And their extra efforts literally take the game to another level. Ever heard of pampering and spoiling? Yes, that’s the approach humans like to take when they want to showcase their love and care to their pets. They make their pets kings and queens and treat them like the most superior living being in the world. That is how humans go an extra mile for their pets.

Today we are going to enjoy some pictures of humans doing some hard work effortlessly for their pets.

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1. Thi dog owner built a lagoon in their pool just for the dogs.


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2. These two dogs got their own formal dresses to wear on the occasion of a family wedding.


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3. This family never forgets to celebrate their pets’ birthdays and they always do it in style, making them feel super spoiled and on top of the world.


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4. These 5 best friends had a blast at the costume party.


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5. As a birthday gift, this owner decided to drive their dog around the town just to people could look at it and appreciate it.


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6. You know you have the best parents when they arrange a whole photoshoot for the soon-to-be-parents.


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7. This dog had its bar mitzvah (13th birthday) and Quiñceaneras (15th birthday) celebrated and it was made sure the dog never forgets those memorable days.

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8. Lucy was quick to choose her favorite corner of the house after adoption. Since then, her owner has been doing some time-to-time renovations to that spot.


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Awe, my heart is literally melting right now. These moments are so adorable. The efforts these owners made for their dogs just go on to show how deeply they love their pets and the role those pets play in their lives. I really wish humans were like this to other humans as well but no, they just can’t match that dog level if I am being honest.

Let’s enjoy some more wholesomeness. Scroll down to continue!

9. This dog’s owner built a whole Christmas-themed dog house because the family is incomplete without the dog.


10. This pupper got given bedcovers with its own face on it.  That is just pure love.


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11. Just look at these cuties looking so happy on their birthdays. Their owners made them feel special and they deserve every bit of that feeling.

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12. They had no idea about their dog’s breed so they got its DNA tested and organized an entire”Bread reveal” party to finally know what it is.


Dad’s shirt says it all.

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13. The dogs have their couch. Nothing says “my owners love me” more than this

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14. Some super sweet facts put up on the board as the family celebrated his adoptiversarry.


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15. Look honey, mommy has you printed all over her pajamas.

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16. This family went out on an adventure and all of them wore matching pajamas.


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I swear if I had a dog, I would’ve spoiled it right to the brim. Why? Because they deserve ti.


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