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40 Times People Completely Missed The Joke And Embarrassed Themselves

Did you hear what I said, fellas? As Captain Obvious flew away, I sounded like ‘woooosh’ (yep, with four o’s), the sound jokes make when they fly over our heads! Fortunately for us, this is fantastic news since it means it’s time for another installment of our essay series about the wonderfully strange r/woooosh subreddit, which has nearly a million members.


The ‘Woooosh’ group, which was founded in 2016, is all about (not so) gently poking fun at those who have embarrassed themselves in public because they didn’t catch apparent jokes. Let’s face it, we’ve all been in circumstances where we didn’t understand some weird remark or other. But these examples are so outlandish that they’re entertaining in and of themselves. ‘Woooosh,’ to say the least! Check out some of the greatest new ‘woooosh’ posts below, upvote your favorites, and share them with your friends if you think they might use a laugh. Scroll down till the very end to have a dose of laughter.

#1 That’s heavy unprofessionalism 

The Bad Doctor

#2 Lol

The Comment Got 9 Likes



#3 Okay, sir

Ariane, a comedy writer who just released the first episode of her new podcast and has a new book coming out later this week, told in an interview that we can’t expect everyone to get jokes because not everyone’s looking for them. “I think some people just aren’t used to looking for the humor in situations,” she said.

“Many people take life very seriously (like my mum, who can vaguely identify a joke but always laughs in the wrong place!). Alternatively, it could be the fault of the person telling the joke—the humor might be too subtle and not signposted enough,” she added that the responsibility for getting the joke falls on both the comedian and the listener.

#4 Show us the solved version bro

You Didn't Solve It


#5 This is hilarious

This Is So Sad Guys


#6 He is adamant he’s right about it and I can’t stop laughing

I Thought It Was Real


If, on the other hand, you consistently fail to understand other people’s jokes, you have no choice but to respectfully request an explanation. It may destroy the jokes, but it’s the only way to understand what’s hilarious and why. If you’re nervous, ask for an explanation when there aren’t as many people around so you don’t humiliate yourself.

“There’s no other way but to ask people what the joke is. Or you might want to keep it to yourself that you have an under-developed sense of humor,” We can always pretend that we didn’t get the joke, according to the comedy guru. Though it’s possible that living with such a large secret is more difficult than it appears.

#7 Must visit this New York

Looks Like New York To Me



#8 Thinking you are smart but you are not

Some People Think They Are So Smart


#9 Where is it, really?

Bruh Moment



I was also interested to get Ariane’s take on what people who take life far, far too seriously can do to lighten up and open themselves up to humor more. She said that meditation and [ahemphysical self-love “are two great ways to relax,” however, they might not necessarily help them “tune into the lighter side of life.”

These activities aren’t without their merits, however, and might help you if you’re constantly stressed out and overly serious. “They’ll make you happier though, which is probably just as good.”

#10 This person needs to watch ‘Breaking Bad’

The Manager Will Listen To Me... This May Not End Well


#11 I cannot stop laughing

Some People Are Just Dumb


#12 The fact that the three of these posters seem to be related

I Knew I Would Find That Comment



#13 Hilarious

I Think The Punchline Was

Advertisement by UDM

#14 When two fools argue

We Are All Dumb


#15 Now that’s an important question

I Wonder How That Would Work

#16 No Texas Really Is Massive

No Texas Really Is Massive


#17 It’s Just All Around Easier, now you know

It’s Just All Around Easier

#18 Two Stupid

This Is Two Stupid



#19 Prince Phillip for the meme

Prince Phillip

#20 I Thought He Would Have Got It

I Thought He Would Have Got It


#21 He was a low scorer at maths

The World Goes On

#22 I don’t know which planet are they living on

Why Is Everyone On Instagram So Stupid



#23 Some people are so dumb

The Irony


#24 The irony

My Friend On Discord


#25 Onioned Lol

Onioned Lol

#26 In awe of this

Insert *wow*


#27 That’s a difference

Congratulations! You Have Solved The Mystery!



#28 He thinks eating a balloon will make him stick to the ceiling

Gravity. It Works In Amazing Way- Oh

#29 What a great discovery

It’s Under Water


#30 “This Was Me Almost A Year Ago. I Have Returned To See If Anyone Remembers Me. Or If My Legacy Died With Me”

This Was Me Almost A Year Ago. I Have Returned To See If Anyone Remembers Me. Or If My Legacy Died With Me

#31 Some friends are too dumb to understand elite jokes

My Friend Is Way Too Dumb

#32 Oh Thank God She Corrected Him I Was Worried!

Oh Thank God She Corrected Him I Was Worried!


#33 Wdym 2021 Won’t Make Covid Go Poof?

Wdym 2021 Won’t Make Covid Go Poof?

#34 Deep jokes are not for everyone to be understood

It Was Just Too Deep.. He Didn't Understand


#35 That was the joke you stupid

Nah They’re Just Proud Of Their Pro-Gamer Son !


#36 Some People Just Refuse To Admit Cardi B Stole Wap From Medieval Revolutionaries

Some People Just Refuse To Admit Cardi B Stole Wap From Medieval Revolutionaries

#37 Then you can get a tour for sure

Wait He Dead?


#38 I Have Been Holding On To This One For A While

I Have Been Holding On To This One For A While



#39 Some artistic terms we have here

Poor Ol’ Dave

#40 Oh my god

Nuhh Uhh!


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