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New Boss Tries To Play Alpha, IT Consultant Gets Him Fired

Being someone’s boss may give you greater clout in the workplace, but it does not make you a better person. People in every industry appear to have a difficult time grasping the concept. If you are sitting at an upper position in a hierarchy, you should be humble towards those who are beneath you because that’s what makes you a good worker. But unfortunately, most people, being bosses, and managers occur to be a pain in the ass to the workers.


This boss arrived on the scene quickly and decided to go full bully alpha mode. Well, it didn’t go as planned for them. No, no, no. A witness to their toxic activities, an independent IT consultant who was present at the time, decided to report them. The Bully boss was reportedly removed from his position shortly after that. Scroll down till the end to read the story in the words of OP. Enjoy!

1. OP was working as an independent in a team for a subcontract of a client. All the work was done by the independents while the team members relaxed and coded all work

Text - r/ProRevenge JOIN u/dwasifar • 2y Try to bully me, new boss? This will be your shortest job ever. Back in the day, I worked as an independent IT consultant, and was hired on along with another independent to subcontract on a team for a major consulting house, we'll call it CH. Everyone else on the team was a CH employee. The two of us were not supposed to tell the client that we weren't part of CH, but the client figured it out pretty fast, because we independents were doing most of the w

2. Though OP’s contract time had ended, he stayed to let the project be completed. Meanwhile, the project manager changed, new one was annoying and derogatory 

Text - The project ran past its initial deadline, and my contract expired. I stayed on a week-to-week basis, as a professional courtesy to get the project finished, because I liked the client if not the team. Unfortunately the CH project manager was booked somewhere else for his next gig, and they brought in a new guy to replace him. Let's call him David Stress. David flew in on a Monday morning to get the project handed off to him, and immediately started pissing on everything to mark his terri

3. One day the manager ca bursting in OP’s combined office and asked questions about using a certain program and brushing them off

Text - belittling to the team, and liked to raise his voice. I was working in my office (well, actually a closet with folding tables that I shared with three other team members) and didn't hear what he was saying out in the main room, but I could sure hear his tone. Then he burst in to the "office" and demanded, "How are we doing [specific payroll-related conversion task]?" I said, "We're using [program X]." He waved his hand dismissively and scoffed. "That's stupid. [Program X] won't work for t

4. OP went straight to the payroll manager and explained to him the whole situation about how the manager was making things worse 

Text - she thought I was going to deck him. I knew he was full of shit because I WROTE PROGRAM X. It was custom code for this project, and he had no way of knowing what it would or wouldn't do. He was just trying to bully me and be the alpha dog. I did not deck him. Instead, I went to the client's payroll manager, with whom l'd been working closely for months, and who was driving the client side of the project. I laid it on the line. I said, "Look, I know you know I don't work for CH. I'm here o

5. after explaining everything to the payroll manager, she thanked Op for letting her know. Afterward, he came to know that David was removed from his position and replaced with the original PM

Text - work with him. T have no contract at this point, and with him running the project I won't be back next week. I'm not asking you to do anything specific about it; I'm just letting you know as a courtesy so you can plan to transition my work to someone else." She sat back in her chair, thought a moment, and said, "Okay. Thanks for letting me know." Two hours later, David Stress was removed from his new position. The payroll manager, faced with losing the one technical guy on the team who ac

6. The welcome dinner of the awful project manager was changed to a farewell dinner to avoid further embarrassment. Op completed the project till the end 

Text - The funniest part of the whole thing was that CH had scheduled a "welcome" dinner for David at a posh steakhouse that evening. Rather than create the further embarrassment of cancelling the dinner, they actually went ahead with it, as a "farewell" dinner for David, who had been on the project for less than one day. It was fun to watch him try to put on a brave face for that. (Yes, I did stay with the project to the end after that, and yes, they went live successfully.)
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8. Okay, so the audience has been engaged in some thoughtful discussion about coding


This story teaches us the lesson that we should always be kind to our workers if our intentions are good. Because in the end, it only puts you at disadvantage. What are your thoughts on this one? Don’t forget to share your feedback, and keep visiting defused for more content.


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