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20 Terrible People Who Need A Double Dose Of Karma

Karma is a bitch.

This world is full of terrible people. Seems like they refuse to be kind. They refuse to be kind to people, to animals and to themselves. They can go to any lengths to advantage themselves. They would stab themselves in the back just to get insurance benefits. They would forge tests to save money and get innocent children punished. They would inject their own 2-months old child. Yes, they can go to any length and this is how cruel and cringe they can be. Today, we have 20 terrible people who have ruined others’ lives and need a double dose of Karma. Scroll down.

1. Why I hate sea world:

Via u/HuskyFireWolf

2. Just because this woman wanted to save money, she forged the tests and so many parents lost the custody of their kids.


Via u/kwhiseheart

3. This person was holding this sign at the rally and the Fox anchor paused to see it:


Via u/Tejano210

4. An interview with Jake Paul:


Via u/Test_My_Patience

5. CBS News wanted a headline:

Via u/Smexyredditor69

6. A customer wrote this to a waitress:


Via u/luciletthelieberator

7. Someone who does not like cats with collars:


Via u/Tiguy789

8. This artist thinks that this art is trash and he/she tried fixing it:


Via u/Anan_Z

I am impressed by the number of dislikes he/she got.

9. This entitled lady said it right on his face:


Via u/No_Face_123

Sounds so rude and disrespectful:

10. If a cat does not like your son playing with him roughly, stop annoying him:


Via u/Memes_In_2020

How can people abuse animals and then expect these animals to get abused by their kids? Animals are not toys that you can treat them roughly. These people deserve a double dose of punishment from Karma. People texting others for TikTok and then telling them that they are not worth it or a customer telling a waitress that she looks terrible. You hate her piercings and tattoos but she loved them and that’s all that matters. Terrible people don’t matter to good people. Ughh. How do they even exist and live with their ugly personalities?

11. How can people do this to their babies?

Via u/ZQueen666

12. We hope he is quiet in prison:


Via u/TheAtheistArab87

13. Sounds like he was trying to do an insurance fraud:

Via u/YourAverageLegoBrick

14. Well, we don’t agree:


Via u/Musatra

15. This dude fired two people just because he was bored:

Via u/rani_or

16. This person swapped his 4.8 with 6.0 from a rented van


Via u/theenchantedarsehole

17. Why would you marry a person with a son if you want them to be removed from your family photo?

Via u/Milo_Ulrich

18. This person lied about cancer, got donations and bought an Xbox Series X to smash it later for her YouTube channel:


Via u/mechanical_banana

19. They beat a seal just to take pictures with it:

Via u/XxRick_RolledxX

20. Who wants the photo of PS5 for £585?


Via u/OB141x

We hope no one becomes a fool and buys photos of a PS5 console for £585. Have you ever met bad people in your life? If yes, comment down to share with us your experience.


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