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50 Of The Weirdest Questions Shared On ‘Insane People Quora’


The social website, Quora is based on people; sharing their opinion and they ask questions as to what seems relevant to them at the moment. It is time-consuming and takes the best of your knowledge to get back to the queries, to see the common themes of issues people are struggling with. There are in-depth answers and comments that give the user an immense array of opinions to pick and choose from. Some questions start off this interesting conversation while others are just too outdated to focus on. Some Quora subreddits bring the online community a little closer and allow children to access such benefits too.


The ‘Insane People Quora’ subreddit came into being in the past June 2018, while celebrating their 3rd birthday, with a strong 291k followers and members. They provide a platform to ask the most bizarre form of questions that one can and the online community engages from all around the world to share their point of view. Most viewers have to get their daily dose of such interesting information that is beyond our ordinary thought of fiction.

1. Some people just never fail to amaze.

Via dadjokechampnumber1

2. I don’t think you did the best thing.

Via JustCheezits

3. If your friend has rigid thoughts, there is no convincing him.

Via HumanShapedTip

4. It was to reduce the level of responsibility of having to take care of so many.

Via Totallynothedarklord

5. That is unethical on so many levels.


6. Definitely he can walk away.

Via _W0W_

7. Maybe your friend is just too good-looking.

Via day-tripper96

8. Just don’t go.

Via GeekSter_

9. Every other household would have issues like this?


After reaching out to the subreddit’s moderator team, they were willing to share insight on their community, its history, and why and how Quora is so popular. The founder talked about how the online group was founded due to the rise of the Quora posts that were shared on r/insanepeoplefacebook, “catch-all for social media insanity”, therefore increasing the demand.

He added to how the community began to grow by saying “I saw a comment suggesting there should be a specific one for Quora as it’s quite different to standard social media (having Q&As only) and decided to make it from there. Getting the first few thousand members took a while with crossposting Quora posts I found to r/insanepeoplefacebook. Some reached the front page of Reddit which is when the sub started seeing a large increase in numbers and became self-sustaining, meaning I didn’t need to post as much to keep the sub going,”

10. She is just enjoying the view.

Via Phoenix_Gaming1

11. Racism is always bad, in any form.

Via mxgicc

12. When do you plan on confiscating his house too?

Via jpatel366

13. He should not be that dumb to identify an underage kid.

Via that-girlbin-ur-clas
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14. Ummmm…

Via MisterMango3

15. You should reconsider a lot of things.


16. Not too much if you earn triple the number of figures.

Via BroiledBoatmanship

17. Racism at its peak.

Via PissOnMyFacePLZ

18. She must have a lot of interest related to history.

Via rishicandoit

19. Children and atheism have nothing in common.


20. You should be the one being punished over such ridiculous discipline.

Via gamingunfinished

21. Nope, that unfortunately is not possible.

Via forever-taylorgang

22. That is rather creative.

Via 34terite

23. That is not how it works, does it?

Via MajorBobcat

However, according to the team, moderating the community is a “fairly easy” aspect, though there are a few setbacks,  “The main issues we’ve faced is when we became the trending subreddit of the day we got a large number of unique views (~200k which is way more than the hundreds we would’ve been getting at the time) and new members within a few days (I think doubling or tripling our size at the time),”

The setbacks included talking about controversial things such as politics which are touchy and being discussed on the subreddit platform. “The other posts which are difficult are those that bring up political issues. Most of the time this will result in people flinging personal attacks at each other, a large number of bans, and often a locked post. Otherwise, since the number of insane posts on Quora each day is fairly small we tend to only get a few posts a day on most days.”

If you haven’t already gotten surprised with the different thoughts and opinions that cross people’s minds on a daily basis, here is a bit more of a dose to read upon.

24. Not everything depends on your grades.

Via btchassbubble

25. Re-evaluate your work ethic.


26. Coronavirus does not have an ethnicity.

Via dreamy_child

27. Everyone should be following the rules even if you believe it is a hoax.

Via ISuckBlackHoles

28. It doesn’t work like that.

Via techyonchris

29. She needs a therapist more than anything else right now.

Via IAmBiches

30. Camouflage.

Via meyshi

31. Drugs are a big NO, NO.

Via collecteclectic

32. But for how long can you continue to make them live in a different century?

Via HippoTown278

33. You’re gonna have to test.

Via staralfur01

34. I am not so sure myself.

Via Destinyizer

35. Titanic was a pretty old movie too.

Via hurrcutmcguts

According to the founder, the reason for such popularity was the ability of Quora to adapt. “I think Quora is so popular due to its age and keeping up with the times. Age obviously helps as it takes time to build up a user base, but then you have to do something to maintain that base. For Quora, they’ve added several common social media features such as the ability to upvote questions, comment on questions (as opposed to answering them), and following people for their questions or answers”. He also added how the platform has evolved over time, “I don’t think there’s anything specific that attracts weird questions, I think it’s just because of the popularity of the site, with enough people on there you’re always going to get some strange questions as well as trolls”.

Former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever founded Quora in 2009 and went public a year post on 21st June 2010. To this day, it is growing rapidly, and around 300 million visits the site each month. Without a doubt, each individual bringing in their opinion is going to increase the individual differences and conversations would get a lot more interesting.

36. No, it makes you straight.

Via CelestialMistress15

37. That does seem like a lot of pressure.

Via ducky124442

38. That is a violation of privacy.

Via armykid910

39. Would you sue the bees or the neighbors?

Via Bendanarama

40. Completely his fault on so many levels.

Via techyonchris

41. Ummmm, are you sure that is a hypothetical question?

Via IKnowEveryDigitOfPi

42. The baby is already drowning in your amniotic fluids.

Via tegrat731

On April 19, 2021, Quora removed the option for people to not reveal their real identities, rather have the availability to use pseudonyms. In August, contributors can now monetize their content. Though they need a new subscription known as the Quora+, where users can access all content anyone posts behind a paywall. The r/InsanePeopleQuora subreddit limited rules for the new members, such as posting screenshots from Quora, allowing question-based sites, containing certain subreddits dedicated to questions. On the other hand, the subreddit’s moderators asked their members to not reveal any personal information as to no links to the actual material being posted, with reposts and posts that are obvious satire presented as serious questions.

43. That is a whole new level of seeking revenge.

Via AndreiDeiu

44. There could have been other ways to make him quit.

Via alyssa5100

45. There is nothing wrong with buying stuffed toys, they are just cute and fluffy.

Via CoolMondays

46. She seems to be traumatized with that much pressure.

Via iluvchikins

47. Good Bye.

Via mcxhale

48. Confidentiality should be respected.

Via goldopals

49. Stoping water privileges? Really?

Via do-not-look-up

50. That seems like a lot of pressure.

Via NightCupcake

Now the next time you have the chance to browse through Quora, you can keep an eye out for the r/InsanePeopleQuora community who would be pleased if you’d share your opinions and bizarre experiences with them. This facet of Globalization has allowed us to communicate on one platform and share things we would never imagine sharing.


What do you think?