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People Share Their Personal Experiences About How Hard It Is To Catch A Dog Once it Runs Away

Running after a dog never turns out well.

Not only are they usually quite faster than us but they will also think of it as a game and run even faster. I don’t think they understand that humans can’t run as fast as a dog unless they are Usain Bolt. That is why today we have people sharing their frustrations about when they had to run after their dog for hours on end and couldn’t catch their pet even after all that. The most frustrating thing about all of this can be the fact that the dogs will usually come back home and wait for you at the door when you come back short of breath.


But no matter what they do and how much they make us run, it cannot makes us love them any less. Although they aren’t the most intelligent species in the world as they don’t seem to understand that they can get hit by a car because they saunter willy nilly into oncoming traffic. And some of the following dogs have had a few surgeries and still don’t learn from their mistakes. If you’ve ever had to run a marathon because of your dog, you might be able to relate to the following experiences.

So scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

That is definitely worse than a breakup not that I would know.

Via itsbriancuh

#1 I suppose that is the only way to catch a fleeing dog and that is a cheese burger.

Via BmoresVixen

#2 So what you are saying is that the answer is crying? That should be easy.

Via Madypants

#3 And they don’t want you to stop playing after all.

Via JohnnyxWhack

#4 So this person had basically accepted that their life would end that day?

Via Tropicexposure

#5 ‘Where have you been? And why are you breathing so hard?’

Via _applxhead

#6 He would quickly learn this trick as well.

Via aslifeunfolds

#7 How could someone with that face ever be considered insane?

Via nyukyutie

#8 Won’t they just start running again the minute you put them down though?

Via WormFrogAllie

#9 Isn’t that a good thing considering what most dogs get up to?

Via flossyhavoc

#10 It looks like he wants to run off again. I can see it in his eyes.

Via lilinkwell

#11 He just wants to run away from all the problems and he needs the money.

Via brevolve

#12 He technically did win the race even though nobody was participating.

Via kyler_sane
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#13 And he clearly looks happy with what he has accomplished in life.

Via DarkThology1

#14 If only every dog was this enamored by squirrels.

Via MikeGalok

#15 A GPS tracker is what all of these people need.

Via melbadawn

#16 Did she think she didn’t have a home anymore?

Via FadingSwiftly

#17 And he clearly didn’t care one bit about anything else.

Via kristinationn

#18 I am sorry but I can’t pay attention to anything but that ‘haircut’.

Via Lively_Woods

#19 Unless they are an introvert and in that case, they will run as far away as possible.

Via pucksherburn

#20 This floof ball did something bad? I don’t believe it.

Via Thomas_Omaley

#21 The doggo knows that all of that was your own fault.

Via fooooodforthot

#22 Then you probably wouldn’t have posted it here.

Via Rhizophora_

#23 This is why I prefer cats, they are just as if not lazier than me.

Via xrelaht

#24 This Houdini clearly has beautiful eyes from what I can see.

Via Jacob_Minger

#25 This loaf of bread needs to learn not to disobey.

Via anilsakhi

#26 It is clear that they only want attention and comes back when they don’t get it.

Via xindialovexx

#27 He had it all planned out beforehand and was only messing with you.

Via Sccary_Terry

#28 Look at that pleased face!

Via The_Lady_Red

#29 He has one rebellious soul!

Via Lively_Woods

#30 Maybe I should get a dog, I might finally get fit.

Via AlienSchwag

Have you ever had to run after your dog? If so how did you manage to catch them? let us know your personal frustrating experiences in the comments below and don’t forget to share.


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