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People Shared Their Glow Ups After Moving Out From Their ”Conservative Homes”

Having supportive and open-minded parents is really a blessing.

People take a supportive family for granted way too much. Ask anyone who has grown up in a conservative house what it is like to never be able to express what you really feel or do things you really want to do. Being loved for who you really are is such an amazing feeling, but a lot of people don’t get to experience that until they finally move out of their conservative or toxic homes. As long as you live with your strict parents, you’ll have to live according to their rules. They are providing you with food and a roof and unless you don’t want to lose that, you will have to live and act how they want you to. You can never really find out who you are until you move out and really explore the world. While you explore the world, you find yourself in the process. It gets better once you are not forced to dress or act a certain way.


19-year-old Cherryemojigirl is a TikTok user from Utah who recently started a very viral trend of glow-ups once you move out from your conservative household. She inspired a lot of other people to post their transformations, and the results are astonishing! Scroll down below to see some of the results:

This is the TikTok user Cherryemojigirl.


And this is her family.


She looks like an ordinary person. She didn’t get to explore herself when she lived with her conservative parents.


And this is what she looks like now!


She looks so genuinely happy now!


This is the video that she posted on Tiktok.

@cherryemojigirlif you knew me in middle and high school, no you didn’t ❤️ feel free to use this audio #gloup #transformation♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

After Cherryemojigirl’s video went viral, it inspired a lot of people to follow her and jump on the bandwagon with their glow-ups. These people never had the opportunity to be who they really were, and now that they are free to do whatever they want, they are sharing their transformations on the Internet.

Jay Burleigh came out as queer to her family and friends.


via: jaybaebae96

This was her TikTok video:

@jaybaebae96If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now. #iykyk #gaytiktok #lesbian #lesbiantiktok #lgbt #lgbtq #fyp #glowup♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

She shared her experience with BoredPanda. “I’d been so used to such strict expectations of what made a person a woman and what made them a man so anything in between wasn’t seen as ‘girly’ or ‘manly.’ I had to release those ideas and restructure my ideas of what made me feel more feminine and what made me feel more masculine and what just let me float in between. With this, I really learned to love myself for every piece of me.”

She also advised other people who went through the same thing as her. “It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’ll never please everyone, but by embracing yourself the self-love you feel will overcome the judgment around you,” she said. “Be okay with the idea that people will leave your life, learn from the lesson they left, and be bravely and beautifully you despite the hate that lives around us. It’s a long and hard journey but it’s well worth the climb.”

Soon after, the glow-up transformations flooded in from other TikTok users.

via: masondenverr

@masondenverrI’ve never felt so seen by an audio before.♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

I wish I had hair like that!


via: leonardoxdeasis

@leonardoxdeasisThis sound read me for filth so I knew I had to do it. 😂🤣 I got a mullet now but I HAD to bring back my old hair for this haha! #fyp #guam #gloup♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Bringing colours into your life and appearance is always a good decision.

via: moodie.maggie

@moodie.maggiehad to hop on this trend 👀 #fyp #alt♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

This person is so good looking! I’m glad they get to be themselves now!


via: myakatee

@myakateeoops 🤭♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Tattoos are also one way to express yourself.

via: ashertattoos

@ashertattoosSorry Mahm 🥳♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

You should never have to hide who you really are!


via: captainofthecows

@captainofthecowsi had to google how to use tik tok to make this but this has me DYING. how do i find #trans tik tok 👁👄👁♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

What a colourful personality.

via: cybr.grl

@cybr.grlexposing my past 😳 my parents chose my clothes so I didn’t have much freedom wearing what I wanted to…but now that I’m grown I can 🤪 #rainbowlady♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Expressing yourself with your appearance makes you feel so free.


via: thiiiisfoolia5150

@thiiiisfoolia5150Graduated 9 years ago and am finally finding out who I am #fyp #glowup♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

She is stunning.

via: nikidemar

@nikidemarthis is called graduating catholic school glow up #greenscreen #fyp♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

My glow-up was something similar to this as well!


via: quiet.cos

@quiet.cosIt’s the Snapchat filters for me #greenscreen #fyp #glowup #goth #trend #stepintolove #SongOfTheSummer #moodflip♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

What a cutie.

via: scary_styles

@scary_stylesaye yo. alabama check #BeautyEssentials #moodflip #transformation #glowupchallenge #fyp♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Always be yourself.


via: thiccydyke

@thiccydykemy friends arent “PrEpPy” but i had to hop on this audio #greenscreen #fyp

♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Did you grow up with a conservative family? How did you feel when you finally moved out? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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