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People Shared Why They Actually Like Their Jobs & It’s Too Pure

Some people love their jobs.

I know that is such a surprising fact. Since whoever you talk to is always moaning about how they hate their job or their boss. However, that rarely happens when you are doing something you love. Pursuing your passion is the way to go if you want to be happy in your life. Sure doing whatever earns you the most can mean you are able to live a luxurious life but is it worth the stress?


The following are some people sharing what they love about their job. Whether it be because it’s a simple job that doesn’t require much effort or the fact that they are doing something that challenges them, everyone has their reasons. This just goes to show that for many people work is an integral part of life and that many don’t mind working as long as it is a rewarding experience one way or another rather than being lazy all day.

Source: Reddit

#1 It does sound like working at a library would be quite peaceful.

Librarian is my dream job but it requires a minimum of a master’s degree around my area. Mad respect for librarians. –mufassil

#2 A job that can teach you new things is always preferable over one that is repetitive.


Facilities Manager here. You are right about the job morphing. just remember the Facilities motto “The last to know, the first to blame”. Been doing it for 30 years, 17 years at G.T. in Atlanta. I can retire in 8 months. –hillbillydrifter61

#3 That sounds like a lot of fun.


#4 That seems quite hassle-free.


My waste management truck driver is cool as hell. He drives up and says what’s up every day, always enjoying a nice fat cigar. –Fudgeyouropinion

#5 I would love to draw but sadly am not any good at it.


#6 This sort of work can be a rewarding experience in an of itself.


#7 I wonder why they have job security during this pandemic.


#8 This sort of power in your hands can be addicting.


#9 Who doesn’t like playing with dogs all day?


#10 Drinking at the job is actually required? Sign me up!


#11 Many people dream of becoming one when they are young. Kudos to you for achieving your dream!

I too dreamed of being a Meteorologist as a child up through high school graduation. EVERYONE that knew me was aware of my passion for weather. However as I planned to enroll in college I became aware of the required advanced math classes – totally tanked me! Couldn’t hack the math so I had to walk away. Joined the medical profession! Lol!

Still absolutely love following the weather! I get calls and texts from family/friends throughout storm season (I live in Oklahoma) asking for my thoughts. Kudos for making it! Best wishes and blessings! –aquaman1212

#12 That is seriously amazing.


#13 If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

#14 I can never even think of doing a manual job but that is why everyone is different.


#15 It doesn’t sound sad at all.

#16 At least it isn’t stressful work?


So you’re the guy who ignores the alarm going off when I walk out? (I’m not a thief, I just somehow trigger alarms)-TheBelhade

#17 Most night shifts aren’t as bad as morning shifts.

#18 Sounds like a magical job.


#19 That is actually quite surprising to hear.

#20 It seems you have found your perfect fit.


#21 Doing anything creative is the way to go for many people.

#22 Well, at least you are satisfied.


#23 Doing a job without a degree? Props to you.

#24 You can help people in the weirdest ways possible if you want to.

I feel the same way about my time working in an adult store! I’ve had so many job since then but that one was by far the most rewarding! –Daddys_slut_princess

#25 Anyone would love to have this job.

What about your job? Do you love it as much as these people? Comment down below and let us know.


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