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25 Times People Took The Instructions Too Literally

One advantage of shopping/ordering online is that you can get your product customized according to your desire.

But, does that really satisfies the customers? Does this customization feature really fulfill the customers’ requirements? No, it does not. Not for everyone. This cool feature has made people regret opting for the customization option. There is a subreddit with the name Peanut Butter Is One Word. This subreddit is dedicated to all the fails people have made due to misinterpreting the customers’ instructions. These misinterpretations have not only wasted the customers’ money but also ruined their day. Today, we have compiled 25 fails that happened because people took the instructions too literally. Scroll down if you are ready to laugh.

1. When you want the cake decorator to use a pretty font:


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2. They put in what you told them:


Image source: SandiPsych

3. Let’s ruin Sven’s birthday party:


Image source: svensonic1

4. When the translator replies to your text in Welsh:


Image source: donach69

5. When you don’t bother reading what the client has sent and just send it to the printing department:


Image source: LordGuille

6. If copy paste had a face:


Image source: not_gerg

7. Relax bro, they just mentioned the cake contains eggs:

Image source: kapildwasnik

8. When you don’t give a f**k about reading it:


Image source: bertiebauer

9. When you do not want your necklace to be engraved:

Image source: tapanapanteraaa

10. “Here’s a spud for my bud”


Image source: pattoyourcatto

11. At least they put in the effort:

Image source: metmike89

12. When you try to be smart but they outsmart you:


Image source: vilidj_idjit

13. Next time I’m gonna order this cake:

Image source: Super_Mario_Sunshine

Some people have the weirdest and most hilarious ways to ruin someone’s day. I mean, how can someone be so stupid to not get the instructions and print them as they were given. People should start reading the instructions carefully from now on if they want to avoid such mistakes. Scroll down for more hilarious fails.

14. Whoever printed that deserves an award:


Image source:

15. How can someone make such a big mistake and not notice?

Image source: Yaimerie

16. Walmart Saratoga is doing a great job though!


Image source: Alice_Savard

17. Company: Your instructions would be followed strictly.

Image source: exzact

18. That’s written in Arabic:


Image source: jakeinator21

19. When your boss asks you to design a poster just 30 minutes before your off-time:

Image source: idiotgalore

20. When you want the cake to be generic in color for men and women:


Image source: mirafacon

21. “A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use. When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her. English is the clerks second language. You can fill in the blanks here.”

Image source: just_leave_it

22. “Parents didn’t want their son’s name printed on his school photo”


Image source: Dewdeaux

23. That’s how you ruin someone’s Anniversary presents:

Image source:

24. We can see the stars and sprinkles around it:


Image source: fluffykittie

25. One of the reasons why people do not want their iPads to be engraved:

Image source: miinyuu

Has someone ever messed up with your given instructions? If yes, share your hilarious experience with us in the comments section down below or go to Peanut Butter Is One Word” and make your hilarious contributions. 


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