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Hilarious Moments When People Realized They Have Turned Into Their Parents

We share XX or XY chromosomes that are directly passed on from our parents, like babies, the first things we recognize are our parents’ identity, and pretty much the first names we take are “mama” or “papa”. Let’s not ignore that throughout the growing stage, kids model what their parents are likely to do.


However, once we are more aware of our surroundings and teenage years hit us, nothing annoys us more than our parents and what they often times have to say. We take a pledge of not having to turn into such rigid thinkers who care about taxes or set curfews at kids. We rather aspire to be “cool” because we are almost exhausted by the daily quarrels of different mindsets of parents and kids.

By the time we are adults, it almost hits us like a truck to suddenly realize that we have started to do things that are rather more similar to our parents than we taught. Initially, for us, it’s the perfect denial phase. Eventually, the acceptance, at some point kicks in as to how similar our behaviors or actions can actually be. Such realizations hit many people who shared their hilarious moments with us.

1. The cinema is dark enough to take a nap, who is gonna find out anyway?

Via juliajmusic

2. It’s literally a private property, when are people going to realize that?

Via adansby

3. Once you’re caught, that’s where everything crumbles downwards.

Via DigitalBishop

4. Sometimes self-reflection, literally, is crucial for self-realizations.

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5. How do adults not know how to keep “Everything” organized, that’s just so off-putting.

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6. Saving up electricity or in this case, space is important to reduce detergent consumptions, saving-hacks 101.

Via rototoke

Even though it might be some of our biggest nightmares imagining to have to be or act like our parents, but at least once in our life, we have surely done something exactly like how our parents have. Read ahead if you can’t relate already.

7. We eventually look like our parents. Genes play a role.

Via fireflygalaxies

8. Typical dad explained.

Via TheGoodJudgeHolden

9. Punctuality is better than running all around the airport 5 minutes before the flight departs.

Via azninvasion2000

10. Just a nurturing instinct, there’s nothing too motherly about it.

Via Dimeadozen21

11. You don’t need an actual alarm to trigger your biological alarm. The early bird catches the worm.

Via Titus_Favonius

12. Anger outbursts are quite humane.

Via SpeakerLimp

13. Awwww, isn’t that the cutest tale ever?

Via _Almost_A_Doctor_

14. Background stories are just as important as the current story playing in the movie.

Via Crazyboutdogs

15. You stop asking for help.

Via Cornwalace

Reading up all of that, do you believe there are some traits or behaviors we have adopted throughout our life that are exactly like our parents? As much as we might hate it sometimes, there are some specific things we do or say that exactly represent our parents, one way or the other. I know that realization of how alike we actually are can be a shock for some, but adulting can turn you like such, what are your thoughts on this?


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