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Warning Signs That Are Not Only Straightforward And Hilarious

Warning signs are all over the world allowing us to make rational decisions by being careful and not putting ourselves in positions where it becomes one hell of a ride to get out of. The warning signs are always big in size and have vibrant colors with big fonts to make sure people catch the attention to acknowledge what’s written. The rather vivid signs are yet ignored by many, because of which the poor souls suffer injuries and other damages.

Though some of these are quite well explanatory of situations with proper consequences mentioned so people adhere to them. Some of the ones that caught our eyes are listed below with numerous situations. The danger aside, some of the signs are rather more hilarious to be taken that seriously. The context of the signs is so vague and funny that it does make you laugh even if you’re just bored scrolling through all the social media platforms.

1. It’s a Russian Roulette.

Via Paul Smith

2. If you’re planning on becoming a viral pee-fluencer. Be bold.

Via LittleCrumb

3. Just DONT panic guys, it’s an every-week operation, there’s a two-third percent chance out of a hundred to be rescued, hang in there.

Via shidanesayo

4. There must be a million other exhibits. I am sure. Do you agree?

Via phitter72

5. Overpopulation requires such drastic consequences. Just like tolling cars, tolling people is a new trend.

Via dontwantyourtitpm

6. Imagine being drunk and looking at this sight out of your bedroom, what a way to spend Halloween.

Via unfamiliar-ceiling

7. Tedd Bundy is that you?

Via nateair

8. Be daring enough or just stop polluting. Do or Die.

Via domeafavour97

9. You do you, I’ll do me. Fair and square.

Via Unknown

10. Animals are not on any human diet, let us not ruin their regime. Could be bad for their health. Just kale and all greens.

Via OctopussSevenTwo

11. Falling would be worth it or not?

Via ReginaldHardwick

12. You’re just another walking protein bar for them, humans, let us not cross barriers.

Via tripadvisor

13. Eventually, we all have to end up there. Might as well get used to it?

Via ledromire

14. “Do not trespass!”, Beware of Wolves.

Via Gymnos84

15. Once you’re strapped in, crying isn’t gonna help, sorry.

Via vampedvixen

16. Trust issues can be hard to resolve sometimes within families, or maybe they are Asian.

Via OnsetOfMSet

17. You don’t wanna even try to test what comes next, just look at the horns.

Via Svensit

18. Alaska announcing public emergencies beforehand.

Via electronicthesarus

19. Australia should have these signs all over the country along with all the tiny species that are found there.

Via RCViking44

20. Just cuz it’s cracked doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Via Tails_RulesTheWorld

I had an amazing time going through these notices and signs, acknowledging how people show their relevant concerns through these posters that do warn yet get you to question what’s at stake. People still decide to be careless of such signs and just don’t realize how threatening the situation can actually become. Some of the signs above are just a snippet of all the tragedies that are waiting to happen. As a community lets’ rather adhere to such warnings (the serious ones) than have to put our safety at stake. It’s better safe than sorry. After all, we don’t wanna die because we got lost at the corn maze due to starvation.


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