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20 Times People Wanted A Dog But Ended Up Getting A Giant Woolen Wolf

The connection a human has with its dog can’t be explained in words, it’s a feeling which warms your heart and brightens your life. Dogs are human’s best pals and there’s no argument over it. They might love slipping a meatloaf off your plate but isn’t that what friends do? They share stuff.


There are over a hundred dog breeds known, but no matter what the breed is, every dog is precious. Different people prefer different breeds, for various reasons. Such as some people prefer a small goofy dog who can accompany the kids at home, some look for little furious breeds for security, countryside people prefer labs which are pretty good searchers as these people live close to woods and there are a lot more qualities these loyal partners have, for which humans admire them. A dog’s energy and smiles are contagious, you might have heard it before. They cherish the joys of life, they celebrate the simplest moments and get excited over the little most things. All this positivity and happiness gets transmitted to the humans around. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say, dogs are no less than a wholesome source of happiness!

No matter what size the dog is, it’ll always be a baby for its owner. Here are a few owners who apparently got a dog but they grew out to be the most adorable and fluffiest balls of fur – more like a wolf. Have you seen a large dog getting excited? It’s nothing less than like the other dogs but sure is a little funny. Giant snuggles and cuddles. The bigger the doggo, the more fun it is to cuddle them, and the owners can’t agree any less!

1. The bigger the better

via © u/nsfwdreamer / reddit

Imagine this dog wanting to sit on your lap? Yikes!

2. When you’re too big to be picked up, but you’re obsessed with your person

via © u/Monty_Goofy_Newfy / reddit

Pick me up, hooman! I don’t care even if you suffocate.

3. “May I have this dance?”

via © u/NukeOG / reddit

Of course, fluff!

4. I hope he doesn’t have important errands to run!

via © u/kobashichop4 / reddit

Anchor of lazy love.

5. But why can I not sit on your lap? I’m not that big!

via © u/cassious64 / reddit

Not that big just as big as a Spanish mastiff!

6. “Excuse me, what’s for dinner tonight?”

via © Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog / facebook

What would you like, sir?

7. “Do you want to look elegant? Get yourself a Great Dane.”

via © u/YeAreaSaysYay / reddit

Smart not-so-little boy!

8. “This is Ginger. She’s my new Tibetan Mastiff puppy. That’s right. PUPPY.”

via © LoganPaul / twitter

And she loves being carried like that. Also, do we have any logan paul fans in the house?

9. It’s not that difficult reaching the higher places anymore

via © unknown / reddit

What a wholesome picture!

10. The cushiest floor cushion

via © u/Weedvape69 / reddit

*The warmest too…

11. They both have been getting very cranky, lately

via © u/lionzion / reddit

“Kids grow so fast…but dogs grow even faster.”

Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Beauceron, Bullmastiff, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are among the biggest dog breeds that can be found around the world. They might seem to be impolite dogs due to their size and perhaps a little scary too maybe, but don’t let their appearance fool you as they are known to be the most humble and the kindest of all!

These bigger dogs like resting throughout the day more than anything else. They do require more space though, but even if you own a smaller residence, you can surely own one of these since they sleep most of the time. Also, you wouldn’t have to put extra cushions or other resting objects on the sofa because these big fluffers are going to be enough to rest upon.

Keep scrolling to see more of these fluffy giants, they have our hearts!

12. “I’m 6 feet tall and the dog next to me is Shamir.”

via © sooba118 / pikabu

We’re the tall gang!

13. Oh, he loves being held!

via © bunsenbernerbmd / twitter
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My heart’s still that of a little puppy!

14. Who needs an umbrella?

via © u/sharkyboyo564 / reddit

Woof guardian

15. That smile is brighter than the sun!

via © alaskan_wolfdog / instagram

16. What an actual warm hug looks like

via © u/kophiphi / reddit

When you’re too tired to walk to the bed…

17. Take a picture quickly before I run out of breath!

via © u/nick_1976 / reddit

You’re not heavy, you’re just fluffy.

18. Size doesn’t define friendships

via © u/storyofohno / reddit

I’ll protect you little fren…

19. When you have a small doggie and can’t stop admiring your friend’s gorgeous giant woof

via © Extavolga / pikabu

She’s getting one any time soon! It’s in her eyes…

20. Can’t you see you have a big doggo to stroke but you still prefer that little cat, human…

via © u/TheImpLife / reddit

I is sad…

21. “He looks more like a human in dog’s costume”

via © u/jagershotzz / reddit

Do as the humans do…

What gorgeous furballs are these? Humans are lucky to have been gifted with blessings such as dogs. Most of these larger breeds make an excellent part of the family. They don’t really require a lot of grooming and are perfect guardians for you little humans. And if you are worried about the kids in your house, well, they are exceptionally gentle around babies! Although they do appear to be massive but are pretty calm most of the time. They do require a little training, as they were originally bred for hunting. A little training and they’ll be as good as angels! Wait a minute, which dog isn’t? All of them are angels!

While you go walking these fluffs, make sure to hold on tight as you might find yourself being dragged around while the doggo chases the cat. No matter how big or old these clumsies grow, they still are dogs and have all the similar instincts. We’re sure, we are not the only one’s who can’t wait to get our hands on these gentle giants! Which one of these big doggos intrigued you the most? Also, if given the chance, would you want to keep one? Let us know your thoughts and opinions down in the comments section!


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