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19 Times People Were Caught Lying And Publicly Shamed

Never think you can get away with lying, especially in the era of the internet.

Gone are the days when you could lie and actually get away with it. It is just not possible now. And in the past, at times people used to just “let it go” and I think that was pretty nice of them, but that depends on the graveness of the lie. Not in the modern era though, you will get ruthlessly annihilated for lying. And thank you to the internet, you can literally call anyone out for lying and then publically shame their bumhole to teach a proper lesson.

I realize, our planet is not in the best of shape these days but amidst all this, there are some fun and positive things to enjoy. One of those fun things is the beauty of a liar being caught lying and called out for it. Technology has helped take public shaming to a whole new level and the people catching these liars don’t waste a single second capitalizing on this gorgeous opportunity. After all, you must let a liar know they lied in a way that reminds them of that shaming the next time they try to lie.

Today, we have compiled 19 best instances where people got caught lying and were shamed publically for it. Scroll down below to enjoy this hilarity!

1. Got caught lying about crowds destroying veteran graves, during pride month.

Via Via u/ieatmusicalstars

2. Tried to reck a company by giving bad reviews only to find out they don’t sell the item badly reviewed.


Via Via u/ThatGuyStaringAtYou

3. Don’t eat meat, take a bus instead, and use a smart thermometer and the climate will return back to its best. Okay, CNN.


Via Via u/Le_Rekt_Guy

4. I swear Kanye is so full of sh*t.


Via Via u/nikhil_shady

5. Didn’t expect you to be such a big liar, GameSpot.


Via Via u/jerkstabworthy

6. Oh no, not like this. He thought he was commenting from another account but ended up praising himself from his main.


Via Via u/SaveThePhytoPlankton

7. Why are all these news pages lying so publically? Do they not realize Jon Stewart also uses Twitter?


Via Via u/scrugbyhk

8. Sorry, sire/madam but that’s not how early screenings work.


Via Via u/MarioMarioXs

9. No, they did not get his order wrong but Ryan was never at that coffee shop.


Via Via u/justinmillerk

10. Who did this person order from?


Via Via u/imonnovocaine

Wow, this really is a very fun experience. I hope none of us ever find ourselves on the other side of things. I cannot stop laughing. How can these people lie so confidently? Like, do they have no idea that everyone is on the internet? If you want to lie, lie to people in person, maybe someone might believe it but doing it on the internet is just straight-up idiotic. I am so happy they got called it. Wish we could see the faces of those people when they were caught lying.

Let’s take a look at some more instances of people confidently lying and getting slapped right back into their places.

11. An exclusive correction by Edgar Wright himself. Come on, IGN.

Via Via u/darkcrap

12. Yeah, right. We will just believe you for your satisfaction but that’s about it. We won’t actually believe this crap.


Via Via u/ajcpullcom

13. Maybe the space has been invaded by ghosts and this person interacted with one of them.

Via Via u/YaBoiGhostyy

14. I am sorry Mr. Guardians Of The Galaxy & Thor Updates, but missed a little key detail there. Thank you James Gunn for the correction.


Via Via u/alix-mercury

15. They literally stole someone else’s work and even the picture.

Via Via u/Whaleears

16. They basically went ham on Rob and now he is on life support for lying so openly.


Via Via u/Desert-DooDoo

17. People joins the growing list of news channels lying for absolutely no reason.

Via Via u/The_Alien_From_Mars

18. No sir, that photo


Via u/_AskMyMom_

19. Don’t you understand? He didn’t show up for the interview because the lady was rude.

Via Via u/scistudies

I really hope you guys enjoyed this session of people being called out for being liars. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more delicious public shamming!


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