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40 Times People Ordered Something Online But Received Something Different

There is always a risk of getting scammed in online shopping.

The world of online shopping is so fascinating that we always end up getting something new every time. You are working on your laptop and an ad pops up, you click on the ad to check out one item and end up spending hours scrolling through the website. That’s the power of online shopping. Have you ever thought why people shop online? It’s because they want to save their time. Online shopping is convenient in so many ways. You don’t have to go out and drive to get the desired product that you can buy with just a few taps. You have a large variety to choose from and decide which one you want. So, it’s a ‘yes’ for online shopping but not everyone has a good experience shopping online. For some people, it is no less than a nightmare. Today, we have compiled some of the hilarious experiences of people who ordered something online and received something different. Scroll down for some of the hilarious online shopping fails.


1. “I ordered The Wind Waker on eBay and the description said it was missing the original case. This is what arrived in the mail.”

Source: BionicleGarden

At least they tried making a case.

2. When you order a grill and receive 300 iPads instead:


Source: usuzulose

3. When you want the packing to be vacuum-sealed:


Source: miragonz

4. When your wedding is next month and you order shoes online:


Source: ad9344

5. The dog is not impressed:


Source: offtherichter

6. When you buy a PS2 on eBay:


Source: grinsekatze

7. The cake I ordered vs. the cake I got:


Source: chasity.tilman

8. “the shirt I ordered vs the shirt I received”


Source: PollySmall89

Seems like someone got scammed.

9. When you want the bakery to mention if the cake contains eggs:


Source: kapildwasnik

10. When you order a shirt from Amazon:


Source: Soakd

11. “Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on VHS”

Source: Yashkamr

12. “Wife ordered fake predator lawn deterrent for our geese problem without checking dimensions”


Source: Kaltastic84

13. When you order a cool mask:

Advertisement by UDM

Source: wolverinesbabygirl

14. When you order a Ben 10 action figure and they send you a used baby sock:


Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

Are you guys kidding me?

15. When you order eight extra-large shirts for the office and receive an 8XL shirt:

Source: ch0ch32

16. What I bought and what I got:


Source: whitneyaliceaud

17. “Friend of mine ordered a bamboo online, today it arrived in all its glory”

Source: One_TAIM

18. “My 1200 page loose-leaf book arrived a little more loose than I was expecting”


Source: ShadowsWandering

19. When you order the toilet paper from eBay without looking at the size:

Source: toastytoat

20. “The mask I ordered (left) vs. the mask I got (right)”


Source: the_nerd_dad

Covid made is buy masks. Everyone wanted a cool mask to look different than others. Online sellers decided to make some money by scamming innocent people with these cool masks and this person bought it. Look what he received. He is never going to shop online again. Scroll down for more online shopping fails.

21. The outfit I ordered vs the one I received:

Source: K1nsey6

22. Peppa does not look happy with his online purchase:


Source: peppa_the_puppyy

23. “Ordered One Brussel Sprout instead of 1kg! Need to cut it into four to go round!”

Source: a1acrity

24. “Brand new tv from Amazon delivered by FedEx. The FedEx driver came twice and rang the doorbell and basically ran to his truck and left. On the second day I had to run after him to get the tv. I unpack the tv and plug it in and this is what I get.”

Source: 1deator

Now we all know why he was running.

25. When you order Groot from Amazon:

Source: allihaveismyword



Source: PoofBam

27. “My mom thought she’d ordered a carton of cigarettes online.”


Source: throwawaystranger69

28. “I ordered a box of tampons from CVS and they sent me these…”

Source: AndyFeelfine

29. “Ordered a box of baby wipes and got 14 cartons of cigs as packing material.”


Source: profanityridden_01

30. “Mama got duped online shopping and bought this tiny ass chair? thing. Guess it’s mine now.”

Source: reimaginestudio

31. “Ordered an Apple Watch for my sister for Christmas. Somewhere between being shipped and being delivered to her someone opened the package, took the watch and strap, then sealed the whole thing back up.”

Source: ravens_revenge

32. “How my new computer just got delivered”


Source: this_is_a_username78

33. “The pizza shop promised a light and airy crust. It was so light and airy that it was invisible”

Source: Iocaine_powder

34. “What I ordered VS what I got”

Source: Princemudi_

35. “Ordered (boneless) wings for the big game. Only three were not completely raw. It was $76 and DoorDash refuses to give us a refund.”


Source: CeeceeLarouex

36. When you order a VR headset from Amazon and they send you a £5 office supplies:

Source: Penquuu

37.  When you buy a candle online:

Source: GamerZWorld_YT

38. “My sister ordered and requested a mirror with a custom name on it and requested that the name on the bag would be “same like on the mirror””


Source: TomerHorowitz

39. “Ordered myself some new boots, size 4…these came” 

Source: mel_ev82

40. “Received these size 12 badminton shoes from Amazon. They look like a 7 and fit in my palm”

Source: StoneCold_SA

Do you shop online? Have you ever been scammed via online shopping? If yes, share your experience with us in the comments section down below!


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