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50 People Who Didn’t Want Cats But Came Around Real Fast

We all know that cats are really disastrous and extremely naughty. They can change the outlook of a perfectly cleaned room into a messy one in just a blink of an eye. Leave them alone and you’ll most certainly regret that decision. These are also some of the explanations people give, when they are trying to explain why they aren’t a cat person. Want to change their opinion? Just get a little kitty around them and they will most definitely fall in love with them.


Like take my mom as an example. She is not an animal person. She doesn’t like animals at all, of all sorts; be it a parrot, a dog, a cat or a rabbit. She doesn’t let us keep pets at home. I know this is very sad. Is your mom the same? If yes then I have a perfect article that you can show your mom to convince her how cute cats are! After seeing this, she’ll definitely let you keep a cat at least!

In this article we have collected for you loads of pictures of people who hated cats at first but later changed their minds and now are in love with these cute felines! Scroll down to see some cuteness;

1. “No, I Don’t Want To Hold A Kitten”

Someone’s really fond of the cat now!

2. This is a love-hate relationship.


Slowly trying to make him fall in love with thyself.

3. Building bunk beds for cats you dislike?


Mhmm! We surely believe that you don’t like cats now.

4. The power cuteness!


It can make you do things that you never wanted to… Clearly he loves the cat a lot.

5. He lies every time he says that he doesn’t like cats.


“Cats will never sleep in that expensive bed you buy for them. Ever. They always want other people sleeping places. The dogs bed, the hoomans bed (or closet), the SOs shoulder…” – Mangoes’nRum

6. At first, the boyfriend said he did not want a cat, later, he stole the cat and made it fall in love with him. Guess who is cat-less now?


7. There was a time when this dad didn’t like cats.


The harder you hate, the harder you love..

8. If you’re not a cat person, after seeing this cute little feline your feelings will definitely change.


Isn’t this the most adorable baby you’ve ever seen??

9. This hooman changed his mind pretty quick.


It’s also amazing how you don’t let a cat inside your house and then, just after a little while, you’re the one who keeps the cat most entertained…

10. Yeah sure, I believe you when you say you don’t like cats.


11. “I’m More Of A Dog Person, Really”, – Him, 13 years ago.

Just one cute glance from the kittyy..

Loving these pictures? Well, you are lucky as we have a lot more! Scroll down to see!

12. These two are not inseparable.


“Friends are made furever!!!…” – Monty Is Fiennes

13. I want someone to look at me just like how he is looking at the cat.

Advertisement by UDM

Can we all just agree that he has the sweetest smile and this kitty is really lucky!?! And to think he disliked cats at some point in his life.

14. A face that you just can’t resist.


Woahh!! This is indeed one purfectt looking cat!

15. Mission; make him fall in love with me = ACCOMPLISHED! getting squished here… a little help? Please?

16. The girlfriend is not his number #1 anymore.



17. When your husband doesn’t want cats so you get 5 kittens instead.

18. If You Ask Him, “F*ck No, I’m Not A Cat Person”


“That cat is having a good time!” – Isabel Tamayo

19. Tiniest, littlest, smollest kitten.


20. “Ohh so you really hate cats? Doesn’t seem like it!”


Well, he was clearly lying.

21. When your opinion about cats changes right after getting a cat so, you get one more.

22. This one lucky hooman.


“the cat be like i touched you , you are mine now” – Houssem Hammami

23. Kitty: “So, will you take me home with you now?”

Your perceptions and opinions can change, right?

24. This cat knows how to win hearts over!

25. When you don’t want a cat but the cat wants you..

I am guessing that the cat won.

Pretty sure these adorable pictures have changed your mind. Fortunately, we’ve got more and more and more. Lots more. Keep scrolling for more of these adorable little fur babies.

26. It’s amazing how he didn’t want a cat once.


Now, he doesn’t want to let go of the cat.

27. “After Not Letting Me Get A Cat For Years He Is Now Besotted With Gus”


Seems like Gus lovestruck him!

28. Deny it all you want, we know that you’ll eventually be in love with cats..

29. Such a pure love!


This dad didn’t want a cat, but later, he became so fond of it. The picture explain their relationship.

30. How can one say no to this cheeky little munchkin??

31. “I Always Considered Myself To Be More Of A Dog Person, But A Co-worker Brought This Little Guy In And I Couldn’t Help Myself”

Yep, can’t say no to this beautiful face.

32. When your roommate says he doesn’t like cats but then you come home to this.


33. *Smitten with the kitten*

34. Can’t tell who is babysitting whom…

Not sure if the man loves the cat back or not..

35. You don’t have any choices. You’ll have to accept me whether you like it or not


36. When grandpa said “No more after this.” He definitely didn’t mean it.

Grandpa is a cat magnet.

37. Dad just likes saying that he hates cats…

Not true, he actually loves cats, just too afraid to say it.

38. “I Really Hate Your Cat” Indeed


“He hates it so much they even spoon xD” – Isabel Tamayo

39. When you’re not social but the cat is..

Don’t pick your favorites yet. We still have some more in store for you.

40. So, you don’t like cats but still refuse to wake a sleeping cat up?

The is a pure kind of love and care. This man is so precious!

41. This cat is extremely comfortable


I want to be as comfy as this cat

42. Who could possibly dislike these charming eyes??

Anybody would be pleased to have a cute baby like this!

43. The level of trust!

44. This picture is proof that you can change your mind.


45. Grandpa loves sharing food with the cat.

“Such a good grandpa” – Madina Abdukhidoiva

46. So comfy together!

47. This kitty loves its new hooman. These two surely complete each other.


48. Selfie with the cat you “hate”!

“This is Adorable. I’m starting to get the impression that cats love people who don’t want them to!😍” – Denise Stark

49. He didn’t want a cat four months ago, now he’s all cuddly with the cat!

“… even wrapped the little furball in his blanket.” – Wyndmere

50. “I Don’t Want A Kitten, I’m Not A Cat Person!” A Week Later…

Spot the cat!

Pretty sure these were enough to make you fall in love with cats. These adorable fur babies are just what you need in life as a companion. How long can you go without falling for their big round eyes!

All the cat owners! Don’t forget to share pictures of your cats for people to fall for, in the comments section below. And send these to everybody who “claims” that they don’t like cats.


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