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21 Cats Who’ve Fallen Into Cunning Cat Traps Laid By Smart Humans

Cats are very witty animals. It is pretty common knowledge. They will discreetly manipulate into doing things that please them and benefits their agenda. Sometimes things may appear to be inconvenient for you but still, your cat will manage to make you do it for them anyway. They can trap you into their own little games and you keep getting dragged because of the infinite amount of love you have for them. Anyone can easily get manipulated into doing things that they want us to do. It is not always the most inconvenient thing, though. It is quite fun sometimes to get played by a little pet. Sometimes our days get boring and the only thing that excites us is playing with our furry little companions.


Some cat owners decided to give their cats a taste of their own medicine. They were not going to let the cats get away with being the smarty pants all the time. Cats are animals of habit. We know their each and every move because that’s how predictable they mostly are. At least for the habits they have formed, they become a common occurrence so it is easy to decide what you need to trap your cat into. Scroll below to check how these humans trapped their cats into their little mischief!

1. I am the fish you need

Via Zeewild via Reddit

Cats follow you everywhere! Your cat will follow you to your bathroom. She will follow you to the basement. She would probably want to follow you to the office too if you just let her! But one place where it is not safe to have cats is the kitchen. Their fur shed off everywhere and you would probably end up finding some in your food. This pet owner found the perfect way to satisfy the cat’s need and also save themselves from choking on the cat’s hair.

2. Decoy book

Via skimmiesthegingercat via Reddit

One thing that cats do not like us doing is studying. They keep interrupting our online classes. They will sit on our books whenever they see us studying. Well, lucky for us, we finally have a solution to keep our cat and also study at the same time!

3. Extra pants to keep the kitten extra comfy!

Via weirdalicat via Reddit

Nothing better than wearing a second pair of pants to let your cat sit inside them!

4. Stop cleaning the house and feed me!

Via sercebaterije via Reddit

5. “My SO laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later…”

Via Andeck via Reddit

Whatever belongs to mommy belongs to us!

6. “He dragged the box all the way over to me to show me it worked!!”

Via  black_hearted_dweeb via Reddit

Look at the little guy’s eyes. They are fully stunned. It is so adorable when cats show emotions other than just eye-rolling at us.

7. Take me to the grocery shopping too!

Via kyndragarten via Reddit

8. My mini pool

Via OyabunRyo via Reddit

9. Enemies seated at a distance

Via thelavenderlily via Reddit

We fight a lot and it disturbs our mommy’s work, so she placed us in different boxes.

10. Wow, this box is comfy!

Via ilverAzeddy via Reddit

Ugh, I could just this big chonky guy till my last breath!

11. I rode the bus today!

Via inguisticTerrorist via Reddit

Big human cars always overwhelm me, so my mommy got my very own personal car! I can ride in it all day now inside the house.

12. Best place to sleep is beside the things you love!

Via MarkieMew via Reddit

13. “My girlfriend made me correct it”

Via ExpletiveDysphemisms via Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

Sometimes the cats really do act dumb, there is no lying in that! But we understand the wife’s sentiments too. No one gets to call our cats dumb!

14. Top-quality products!

Via GreenspaceCatDragon via Reddit

The cat knew what she was doing when she jumped into the box. She just wanted to reemphasize who is the best in the house!

15. “My cat went missing for half an hour while I was rushing to go to work. I didn’t know where she was until I decided to get my work backpack ready.. obviously, someone got bored and decided to come to work with me..”

Via Mario_cy_83 via Reddit

We all are in the same boat. We spend a great amount of time just looking for our cats and we end up finding them in the one place we did not suspect to be in!

16. Turned into an octopus for the day!

Via umenohana via Reddit

I got tired of being a cat so my human turned to be into an octopus for a day.

17. We wanted to have a cuddly sleep

Via d2xdy2 via Reddit

We love each other dearly and cannot separate for even a second! It was cold so we decided to stay close to each other for warmth.

18. Mommy, take me to work along with these files!

Via -Honey-Jack- via Reddit

I have noticed mommy always takes this box of files with her to work. I do not want her to leave me alone at the house again. I miss her so much! Maybe if I hop into this box, my mom won’t notice and take me with her unknowingly.

19. “Refused to use his new bed until now – check mate buddy”

Via mrschanandlerbong97 via Reddit

Oh damn, I got busted. I was trying to avoid this stupid bed for so long, didn’t know I would be lured into it.

20. “Kiwi falls for the smallest of traps. Just two pieces of mail on the stair waiting to be taken up.”

Via wildtaylorberry via Reddit

Damn, never thought I will be used by my mother.

21. Damn, they captured us all!

Via Artteachernc via Reddit

Isn’t it fun to know that you can also be one step ahead of your cat, no matter how smart they may seem? Trapping cats in your play is the funniest thing to do at home. My favourite one is drawing my cat back in the house by giving them food. It works the best with my cat and I get her to come back inside the house too!

Have you ever been able to trap your cats? Let us know in the comments!


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