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24 People Who Wanted A Furry Friend But Instead They Got A Drama Queen

Pets can drive their owners crazy with their hilarious activities.

You may get a pet thinking you are getting a furry friend but little do you know that you are getting a trouble maker instead of a pet. Your pet would eat your lettuce, sit in the freshly bought spinach bag, ruin the new planter, would smush the grapes, ruin the puzzle that you have been making since morning and would sit on your laptop to stop you from working. You might not be expecting it from your pet but you would be surprised to see what they have done today and then; you will just get used to it. Today, we have compiled a list of 24 people who wanted to get a furry friend but instead they got a drama queen. Scroll down to see what these pets are doing.


1. “2 months ago we started fostering a dog named Frank… At least we thought he was a dog.”

© Fridayrotis / reddit

Lovely Frank wants to lie down with his human.

2. “Yep me again, two successful heists in one day. Got caught eating out of my bowl. Pasta sauce on her nose. In her head she’s saying “today was a good day””


© balmypalmtreez / reddit

Leave me human, I want to do it again because today is a good day.

3. Working in quarantine be like:


© doggydoggywatnow / reddit

Dog: Human, give me attention.

4. When you are in the middle of a puzzle and your cat decides to lie down on the puzzle:


© a_soul_of_boop / reddit

5. “Meet jerry. I may never have indoor plants again.”


That’s the kind of relationship cats share with plants.

6. “Poor boy. I have to feed him at the table because the chicken steals his food. The cat is trying too.”


© NikkiG123 / reddit

Look at this poor guy trying to save his food from the mischievous pets.

7. “My cat enjoys stealing my Lip Balm and Q-Tips. Was cleaning and found this under my nightstand. Yes the hair is ALL his fur. What an A Hole”


© carswelk / reddit

When your cat is beauty conscious, she would steal your stuff.

8. “This is how my dog cuddles.”


© nmcpheron / reddit

Human, come here. It’s time to cuddle.

9. “Rosie I’m trying to fold laundry!!”


© grimmaffia / reddit

Calm down Rosie, I was just trying to help you.

10. “No I wasn’t scratching the furniture… uh… I was just… um… plz help am stuck”


© spacecatJ / reddit

Cat: Mom, I swear I didn’t do it.

11. “Trying to make me fall down the stairs with her floofy belly”

© shoresb / reddit

Cat: Human, you can’t go downstairs.

12. “Came home to redistributed pillows. Thanks guys, I didn’t even think this was something We needed to worry about.”


© bfry315 / reddit

Doggos: Sorry mom, but we were just playing. Pets know no limits and they don’t scare away from trying out new things. They would see you gardening and would instantly want to try it themselves. They would see you applying lip balms and would steal your lip balms so they can keep their lips shiny and moisturized. That’s how pets are! Well, no matter whatever they do, they are incredibly adorable.

13. “Found him laying in the bowl of grapes. He smushed them all. He is proud of himself.”

© pineapple6 / reddit

Mom, you wanted to have a bowl of smoothie?

14. “My dogs got in to my garden box and ate my lettuce, this is all that romaines”


© skojoe / reddit

Dogs: Mom, we love fresh lettuce.

15. When your cat wants to enjoy her company:

© Blueskittle101 / reddit

“One year later, this is still her favourite spot to hide”

16. “Rufus, lying on his cat bed that he allows his human to borrow on a nightly basis.”


The King is resting on his bed.

17. “She was being too quiet…”

© pawprintscharles / reddit

Please, check on your pets whenever they are too quiet.

18. “We were doing gardening outside so he did some gardening inside”


© popaulina / reddit

Cat: Human, leave me alone. This is my place.

19. “This is my heat lamp meow”

© mac_is_crack / reddit

20. When your cat is obsessed with plastic bags:


© 999baz / reddit

21. “Asked my SO why he sleeps in the guest room some nights. He sent me this.”

© Kaldea / reddit

Sleep in the guest room, when you have two dogs.

22. “He’s very open about letting me know I haven’t been paying enough attention to him while I weave”


© hkodes / reddit

When you are paying all the attention to weaving, so he puts his face in the middle to get your attention.

23. “A rare species called the platypuppy”

© _Cyclones / reddit

When he chews the shoe just to fit his mouth in it.

24. When your cat leaves her imprints on wet cement:

© IvanPaliychuk / reddit

Did your furry friend turn out to be a troublemaker? If yes, comment down below and share your pet’s photos with us. Don’t forget to upvote for your favorite ones from our list.


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