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25 Pet Owners Who Deserve A Medal For Their Patience And These Photos Show How

Pets love making a mess and there is nothing you can do to stop them.

It’s easy to adopt animals but handling them is the real deal. Well, you can’t handle them. Pets are uncontrollable. They would do what they want and you would be just sitting there watching them making all the mess. Ruined carpet, scratched chair, broken blinds, broken doors, stolen food, no privacy and getting angry for no reason are some of the things pets do and challenge their owners’ patience. We believe the pet owners deserve a medal for having patience. Today, we have 25 photos that will show all the unusual things pets like doing. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. When your cat rips off your carpet and now you have to spend $4000 on new flooring.


© Saucepass87 / reddit

2. She likes sitting on his face:


© lindalinh / reddit

3. Forget about private space when you own a cat:


© demevalos / reddit

4. Buy him a new bed, he will still sleep in the places he wants.


© cool-gator / reddit

5. He chewed the door for his convenience:


© RevMills / reddit

6. Mom, I don’t know who did this.


© Deliverasgr / twitter

7. When he realizes the owner is taking him to the vet:

© pragmatic_ / reddit

8. When you are watching TV and not giving her enough attention.



© AlphabetizedName / reddit

9. When you want to get one decent photo with your doggo:

© kibeth-the-walker / reddit

10. Out of all the comfiest places in the house, she chose to sit on the eggs:


© leetabix / twitter

11. When you hate shower:

© moistgulch / reddit

12. When you have already hidden all the toilet papers but she finds one:


© RowSquadK / reddit

13. “Somebody help my cat!”

© ScreeNN / reddit

14. “Cat pulled off one of the blinds… Then cuddled with it.”


© Metwa / reddit

So many people to cuddle with but she chose a pulled-off blind. Maybe she is feeling sorry for the blind. These animals are just so unpredictable. They have the unexpected urge that forces them to ruin things. You can get them a comfy bed, they would sleep on the floor. You can get them scratching pads, they will scratch your new chairs. You can hide toilet papers, they would still find them and bite every piece of it. Scroll down for more!

15. “My cat escaped. We found her the next day outside my son’s bedroom window.”

© tstew9 / reddit

She is so happy at her victory.

16. “She’s been screaming at these water droplets for 3 minutes.”


© baz00per / twitter

Better get out of the shower instead of screaming at water droplets.

17. “My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my taco when I wasn’t looking.”

© radtoria / twitter

They find a way for everything.

18. Look, you have not fed me yet.

© icant-chooseone / reddit

You are so useless, human.

19. When you buy new furniture and she ruins it:


© azphotogal / reddit

20. This is us at work on Monday mornings:

© lit0st / reddit

21. “After watching me hang lights around my room for 2 hours, Cobain decided to take them down.”


© tav48 / reddit

22. When you want to go with your owner to work:

© evgeshaZZZ / pikabu

23. There are two animals in this picture:


© T-REXX3000 / reddit

Cats are innocent.

24. When she wants to help you with homework:

© BloodyDaft / reddit

25. Hello, kitty?

Kitty: No.

© unknown / imgur

Are you a pet owner? Is your pet naughty? How does your pet test your patience? Share your funny story with us in the comments down below.


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