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This Makeup Artist Has Some Mad Skills And Creates Terrifying Amazing Looks


Unlike all makeup lovers, many people find it hard to believe that makeup is a form of art. They just think makeup artists stroke a few brushes on a person’s face and call it a day. They wrongly assume that there’s a standard way of doing makeup on every face a makeup artist gets. When in actuality, that is far from the truth. Whenever you talk to any makeup artist, you will notice that for them, a face is like a canvas to them. With a vision in their mind, the face is a canvas they get to work on with all their tools and brushes. Things like colour correction, contouring, and blending do not come out of the blue. It takes an artist’s mind, with intrinsic artsy abilities to craft an appealing look.

The way a painter knows how to show an object in a painting uplifted against the background, a good makeup artist would know how to make a person’s cheeks look uplifted or help someone’s eye colour stand out. It is about the manipulation of colours and techniques that makes an artist unique.

Just to break this misconception about makeup not being art, we have makeup looks created by the very talented Drian Bautista, who knows how to leave everyone speechless with their mind-blowing work. Plus, he even gives cool names to each look he creates. After this, no one would be able to deny that makeup is no less than art!

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1. “White Peacock”


A Peacock’s essence lies in the variety of colours in her feathers. After all, that is what they are known for, right? But have you ever imagined what a peacock would like without any of those colours? Just plain white? Well, Drian Bautista just answered our imagination. And we must say, we are in complete awe! No one could ever imagine that the colour white could be this magnificent! Even the details like those white freckles and the piercing eye contacts have left us stoked.

2. “Metamorphosis”


I’m living for the contrast of colours in this look! This is no less than magical. Elf ears never looked this beautiful. And we’re living for these big earrings.

3. “Purple realness”


This makeup artist knows how to bring a new edge to a colour. They did it right by naming it “Purple realness”. Love the gold tears!

4. “Dragon Skin”


Woah! We’re completely at a loss for words. Blue was a great choice of colour for the eyelids. It makes the eyes gain just as much attention as the rest of the look!



This looks like a mix of angel and elf! Never have we ever seen such a pretty elf. That lip color is lined so neatly. This does not even look like makeup. It looks like a real elf has taken their selfie.



This look is straight out of a fantasy. And the name chosen by the artist suits perfectly to this look!



If looks could kill…



Queen indeed! The yellow detail on the roots of the hair is so well thought of.

9. Chinese Porcelain


This makeup artist makes the color gold more magnificent than ever!

10. “Wild Moth”



Wow! Those were some piercing looks. The makeup artist took the concept of makeup to a completely different level. It seems like all the creativity a person could have inside has been used to originate these insanely beautiful looks. All these mythical creatures look like they came straight out of a fantasy movie.

If there is anyone around who thinks makeup is simple and does not need an artist’s mind, this will help them change their mind and reconsider their perception of makeup.

Photo credits: Drian Bautista 


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