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15 Pets That Refuse To Be Known As “Good Boys and Girls”

Pets have always been regarded as our sincere, unwavering companions who adore us. We all adore these tiny creatures. The unpredictable nature of these animals is what makes them so enjoyable and adorable.


No matter how your day went, the absurd, ridiculous, and downright weird things our four-legged babies do never fail to put a smile on our faces. Oftentimes, these pals behave like bad little ones and sometimes they deserve an Oscar for being so good. This year’s list of good and bad furry babies has been revealed. So, scroll down to have a look at some aww-some photos:

1. Seems like this little kitty is inspecting vegetables before purchasing. Which surely is the right way to go about it!

Via  ComfortableWash430 / Reddit

“I went to the supermarket and saw this.”

2. You don’t need to read this book.

Via YoBuckStopsHere / Reddit

“Knowledge is power.”

3. But wait, the cats are usually the ones who steal the beds. No?

Via Baskiellay / Reddit

“Dog stole Kitty’s bed. A story in two parts.”

4. This cat seems like he doesn’t care anymore.

Via snoee / Reddit

“My neighbor’s cat drops by every once in a while to stick his head through the window and scream at my cat.”

5. This cat doesn’t let the owner charge his keyboard.

Via andricathere / Reddit

“I had to put out a decoy keyboard so my solar keyboard could charge.”

6. Oh God! At first glance, it looked like there’s something wrong with his tongue.

Via tctochielleon / Reddit

“Caught him stealing a slice of beef cheek this taco night.”

7. A Purr-fect place to sit.

Via  ksushaton / Reddit

“I think I’ll sit here.”

Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for these small critters. It’s because of their unpredictability that these animals are so delightful and charming. This group of companions can be a bad boy and a good baby at the same time, depending on the situation or events. We now know who the good and evil furry babies are for this year. Scroll down to check out the rest of the images.

8. This pup doesn’t want his hooman to leave him.

Via chuckzed / Reddit

“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyway.”

9. This kitty was searching for some chicken in the pizza.

Via poseidonofmyapt / Reddit

“Left the kitchen for 2 minutes.”

10. Well, that broke.

Via  HBpotlood / Reddit

“My cat sat in the letter tray and it collapsed. When I heard the crack, I saw him pretending like nothing happened.”

11. Finally figured out why the paper towels ran out so quickly.

Via  halficanunicorn / Reddit

“Caught white-handed, eating paper towels”

12. Someone is trying to steal a cookie. No, wait. Correction: Someone stole the cookie.

Via zippouix / Reddit

“Photographic evidence of my boyfriend’s cat trying to steal my cookie”

13. This one is now super tired after creating a mess. Wonderful.

Via MissMajesticUnicorn / Reddit

“That one time my Great Dane tried to convince me she was on cloud island and didn’t destroy her bed.”

14. Let me set these curtains for you hooman.

Via PlasticEvidence1 / Reddit

“Ripped the curtains down, looked me directly in the eye, and started playing with them.”

15. Someone did a great job today.

Via  sarm0161 / Twitter

“Zion has ripped our nephew’s ball to shreds and is now wearing it like he’s in Silence Of The Lambs.”

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