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50 Times People Made Attempts That Just Ended In Hilarious Fails

There are things that we should never try because they would always end up in miserable failures.

We all do things for a reason. We want to make things right but not all things are meant to be right. No matter how hard you try, they would always end up in miserable failures. Sometimes you would cry at them, other times you would be laughing them off. If this has happened to you, then you are not alone. We have compiled the experiences of 50 people who made attempts that ended up in hilarious fails. Scroll down for a good laugh!


1. When you are clearly inviting the thieves:

Via: G-Unit11111

2. When you are high and forget that you had to act decent:


Via: Crimsonslash1352

3. The future is bright:


Via: 4BDUL4Z1Z

4. He wanted to remain anonymous but they declined his request:


Via: Snadams

5. When you plan to hide your boyfriend’s face but fail:


Via: Onion-User-2

6. Poor drunk-driver:


Via: omgitsmint

7. Someone messed up with the arrangement of the words:


Via: scot816

8. Well, he has followed the rule. He used two words.


Via: Go_ask_quan

9. Wow, they are so concerned about their team:


Via: bassaleh

10. “To prevent employees from discussing wages.”


Via: KeyAdministration900

11. Terry, pay the bill.

Via: EpsteinsPoolBoy

12. “Jesus, I thrust in you”


Via: asocial7193

13. “to be very very human”

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Via: ShitStainedBallSack

14. “To support the “Canada First” rally.”


Via: CowboyTrout

15. “to get dressed.”

Via: ButterflyMore9267

16. “I stepped on a bee”


Via: Revolutionary_Town21

17. Artist wanted to draw a front-facing horse:

Via: Jaych1990

18. Poor gurl:


Via: scot816

19. When you realize how hard parenting is:


20. Wheelchair-accessible stairs:


Via: -D3lta-

21. “To make sure everyone knew they were religious.”

Via: suckmydicktracy

22. Someone tried to create a panorama picture of a cat:


Via: GuardedInstructor

23. “To fly to New York”

Via: bostero2

24. She tried her best to look tall:

Via: eZstah

25. Someone wants a roommate with benefits.

Via: joelman0

Not every day is yours. Some days, you will meet your bad luck and all your attempts would not work. Well, do not lose hope. Laugh at your failed attempts. If something is not working in your favor, just leave it. Try it some other day, some other time. Scroll down for more hilarious and miserable fails.

26. Well, the prankster did the right thing.


Via: Koochiman

27. “Send Siri, please send, send, send”


Via: cooooorn

28. “He needs a pool”

Via: NickWrightData

29. Doggo wants to help.



30. Aww, look at these excited pandas.

Via: Careful-Day7125

31. Someone played with the sign:

Via: 00BlackSheep

32. “to register the pet”


Via: RoughReticulum

33. “to be a smart cop.”

Via: Sweaty-Bandicoot3289

34. “to reduce the amount of homeless people”

Via: Dillontvh

35. “I bet he wishes he had a truck”


Via: The_Russell_Pinto

36. When you do not know English and want to translate it to English anyway:

Via: CaulkADewDillDue

37. “To make a holy and pure stained glass”

Via: scot816

38. He is trying his best to eat the muffin:


Via: psychocalcifer

39. Supporting embryos:

Via: Big-Neck

40. He can’t ship to Spain for you:

Via: chinmaysharma1230

41. Who did this?


Via: BoomTwo

42. Not everyone is good at creating kids’ games:

Via: TheAgGames

43. Old generation vs new generation:

Via: Pig_Benis_was_taken

44. These buns wanted to puke:


Via: samir391

45. “to hack a smartphone”

Via: Varg03

46. “There was a decision made”

Via: gopher-toe

47. “Five beds and ten chairs in the house”


Via: Something_Rog

48. No, your family does not hate you as much as this man’s family hates him:

Via: aasboiii

49. “to stop Allie from sitting on the cake”

Via: Scaulbylausis

50. What an inspirational quote!

Via: Potential-Common-763

We hope this post made you laugh. If it did, let us know which of these fails made you laugh the most.


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