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16 Wholesome Pet Stories Shared By Their Owners

Pet animals are a free, unlimited source of happiness.

I think we can all mutually agree on this statement, right? Pets are packed with huge packets of positive energy that are always processed into happiness for those around them. I don’t know how they do it at such a consistent rate but they do it and it is absolutely remarkable their effort. Spending life with a pet animal is a very unique experience. These mischievous creatures make sure every single emotion in their owner’s body is expressed right out. Trust me, they know how to create good memories and we are so grateful for that. Life isn’t easy these days. There are so many stressful circumstances, both internal and external, that make it really hard for anyone to get through the day. Everyone just wants their day to somehow magically end. Pet owners in this case are slightly more blessed than the others. Having a pet in the house automatically removes all stress, no effort required. And they only require one thing in return and that is love.


Let’s check out 16 amazing pet stories shared by their owners as they try their best to express the happiness that their pets bless them with.

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1. “I’ve noticed that my girl likes to lay on this towel beside the dirty clothes. Moved it into my home office and she stayed there all day with me.”

Via notACatInASuit / Reddit

2. “I always thought I was a cat person. Then this girl appeared out of nowhere a few days ago and it looks like I’ve been wrong my whole life.”


Via Blagus / Reddit

3. “This is Floyd. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, which means he can’t walk too well. Today we found out he fits in my 75-liter hiking pack, so we got to take him on his first hike! He seemed to really enjoy it.”


Via its_scooby / Reddit

4. “I did a photo shoot with my cat. This shot melts my heart.”


Via oreanta / Reddit

5. “Spotted: the best passenger”


Via mayaxs / Reddit

6. “I adopted a dog who was overweight and in bad shape. We worked hard and it was all worth it. He plays fetch now!”


Via maudegt / Reddit

7. “A rare moment of my cat and corgi just hanging with each other, watching the blue jays”


Via nglishteachernerd / Reddit

8. “This stray beauty’s name is Spring. She has a habit of jumping on me and hugging me whenever I step outside of my house. I managed to take a picture just before she jumped on me again. I’ve never seen a stray cat that loved hugging as much as her before, and I’m thinking of adopting her.”


Via Cetot / Reddit

Every time I go through these extremely adorable posts that involve pet animals, my urge to get a pet increases exponentially. The only reason why I don’t get a pet is the fear that I might not be able to give it the life it deserves and that I have set it as a standard in my mind. But these wholesome stories are giving me good hope. What about you guys?

9. “She visits occasionally and is so cute and sweet! She’s a hard-working momma cat that calls no house her home. I’ve tried to bring her in but she’s like, ’Nope!’”


Via matgravel / Reddit

10. “This is Arlo. Only 8 weeks old and he can’t sleep without his stuffed elephant!”


Via LittleFootDid911 / Reddit

11. “It was his birthday. Don’t let his expression fool you — he loved it!”

Via AJEstes / Reddit

12. “He’s not allowed to put his paws on the screen door so this is what he does.”


Via Ambz37 / Reddit

13. “She’s a nervous kitty and rarely stays within arm’s reach for too long. She gets her pets and leaves. For her to be this relaxed and this close to me is kind of a big deal.”

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Via Captain_Chubs / Reddit

14. “My parents adopted a stray cat a few months ago. Turns out she was pregnant!”


Via GegenscheinZ / Reddit

15. “This is, by far, one of the strangest cats I’ve ever owned. He had an obsession with wood and would often make himself comfortable inside of drawers as well.”

Via Fermats-Last-Account / Reddit

16. “Woke up to Leonard freaking out and jumping on me, trying to lick my face at 5 a.m. (which he never does), before I realized the fire alarm was going off and there was smoke in the hallway of my apartment complex.”


Via erinmarie093 / Twitter

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