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19 Photos Of Pets That Prove They Are The Best Comedians

Pet animals are a complete source of entertainment.

Whoever has a pet animal at their house would fully agree with that statement. The thing about animals is that most of the things they do in their lives don’t really have a solid backing of what we humans call planning. They are very spontaneous when it comes to decision-making. Something would feel very right to them and they would go ahead with it based on just that gut feeling. Their purpose is to enjoy life and that’s how everyone’s approach to life should be. But the best thing about animals being very random and surprising is that they become a proper source of entertainment for their owners as well, making them enjoy life too. And when those owners post their hilarious and dumb acts, it makes the whole world enjoy life. Animals probably have no idea how big of an impact they make on our lives.

Often the things animals do, intentionally or unintentionally, look very hilarious in the process. So much so, that it is safe to say pet animals are the funniest living being on this planet. And we’ve got very hysterical pictures of them, doing so, to prove that.

Scroll down below to enjoy. You are going to absolutely fall in love with pets all over again if you weren’t already.

1. Is the dog hugging the cat or totally ignoring the fact that he is squishing the cat? You are the judges.

Via livieluv / reddit

2. I can bet that there is a cat in this family, other than the one you see in this picture.


Via clindsay94 / reddit

3. Those eyes show that the cat has successfully plotted murder against its owner.


Via corytjohn/ reddit

4. Oh yeah, that seems very comfortable.


Via ndf99 / reddit

5. The whole family was hunting a moth.


Via ImJustSomeChick / reddit

6. Look who was trying to hack into their owner’s phone and got caught red pawed.


Via Marubolas / reddit

7. The dog graduated from a training program at the owner’s workplace. Not the best “exciting” face I have seen.


Via Mimijeebies / reddit

8. “My dog’s face through her favorite toy”


Via Remnant16 / reddit

9. “Our sunbathing cat, Tiny, melting on the porch”


Via Auridion / reddit

These pictures are so hilarious, I am absolutely loving it. This is the type of content that I can watch for hours upon hours and not get bored with. And hilariousness is not the only factor leaking out of these images, it is the innocence of those animals too that makes it all so much better.

We really don’t deserve them. Let’s enjoy some more pictures to further establish the fact that animals are the funniest beings.

10. “He has twice-filtered freshwater in a flowing fountain but prefers this or toilet water.”


Via DougJudyBK99 / reddit

11. “My cat and the neighbor’s dog staring each other down every day. This is their life now…”

Via FattiMacFatFat / reddit

12. “Our cat does this whenever she gets picked up.”


Via rbmcmurt / reddit

13. “My dog being reminded that she’s not a cat.”

Via notsogrimreaper / reddit

14. How many times have I told you, don’t take my pictures when I am sleeping.


Via Lolliekinz / reddit

15. If you ever wondered how a cat would react to seeing snow for the first time, well this is it.

Via chrispega / reddit

16. “This character has not been unlocked yet.”


Via Nope251 / reddit

17. “My small kitty steals milk from glasses.”

Via ItzManikan / reddit

18. “My cat under the blanket”


Via AWU_Hades / reddit

19. “One of our Sphynx kittens wants you to know how cute they are.”

Via VidicusMinion / reddit

I would really like to take this moment and thank all the adorable animals of the world for brightening up our dim days without even knowing it. The impact they have on our lives is beyond explainable and in order for this wholesomeness to continue, we need to protect them at all costs.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Is your pet also the funniest living being in your house?


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