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18 Hilarious Situations That Every Cat Owner Is Familiar With

Cat lovers and cat owners, you must know how mischievous our little felines are, right? They absolutely love surprising us with the weirdest acts and their absolutely hilarious expressions! Even though there are tons of different cat breeds but still a majority of the cats have similar personalities. Today, we have gathered up a collection of pictures that every cat owner or cat fan can relate to! On top of that, we are certain that you won’t be able to stop smiling while going through these pictures! So, let’s start scrollin’;


1. Did you think I won’t notice?

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“I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it.”

2. Why are you lookin’ at me like that? I didn’t do it!?

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3. I turn on a vacuum cleaner and my cats be like:

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4. This isn’t so bad after all.

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“For 5 months, my cat wouldn’t even look at his house. Now, the entrance is facing the ceiling and he loves it!”

5. You are not allowed to do anything alone.

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“Apparently I’m not allowed to pee alone.”

6. Cat be like: Yeah, so what?

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“My cat spilled soda on the table and got stuck to it with his bottom…”

7. All the things must go through your cat’s inspection.

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“We bought a new stove and our cat decided it was his new bed, so he’s there all the time now.”

8. Because one cannot simply eat without sharing the food with their cat.

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“My cat is watching us eat with a sad face. He ignores all of his food but he wants my broccoli. I gave him a piece and now he wants more.”

9. Look hooman, I can fit in here perfectly.

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Having a cat as a pet has numerous health benefits. Even if you decide to just pet a cat, your stress levels are likely to decrease drastically! It would be fair to say that cats are nothing less than a blessing in our lives! Now let’s continue with the remaining pictures, shall we?

10. What makes you think these little monsters would let you work in peace?

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“Had to make a snuggle sling for my kitty since she kept jumping on the keyboard and distracting me from my paper writing.”

11. Just having a sun-bath

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12. Ahh, I feel so tired after doing nothing the entire day

via © JeepersJCreepers / reddit

13. Absolutely no remorse.

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14. When you are sleepy AF and someone switch on the lights of your room

via © Mishasaf / pikabu

15. My cat would never let me grow onions

via © Icetyy / reddit

16. Different moods of a cat

via © Erilli / pikabu

17. I heard someone in the kitchen and …

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18. Bro, we need to talk. Your girlfriend is cheating on you.

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Well, the post ends here and we hope that you were able to relate to these situations! We absolutely adore and love these little monsters because they know how to cheer us up through our gloomy days! Also, we would love to know which of these situations could you relate to? Let us know down in the comments section!


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